China agrees to ease portion of U.S. debt if Americans dress up in costumes and perform silly dances for them . Fact Or Fiction?????

    China holds 1.16 trillion in U.S. debt and has generously agreed to decrease the debt if Americans would dress in sequined vests and gold metallic lame pants and do ridiculous dances for their amusement. Special bonus are give to trailer trash people with huge bellies if they do twirls and kicks with beers in their hands while wearing skirts and rouge.Big bonus given for those in bright green leotards. All dancers will be required to demonstrate an exceptional  level of commitment. No hand jiveing is allowed. Deductions as big as12 million dollars will be awarded to fat dancers who pass out while flailing about. Is any of this true ????? Saw this in the ONION .

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    Sounds like fun......I'll do it    :- )


    Lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats the spirit !!!!!!!! Adult beverages are allowed!!!!!! You can choose your own music. Dancing with the stars is watching. Simon will not have any part in this . Thanks for your answer !!!!!!!!!!!!

    If fact, I think we need to go knock them off their pedestal. Or we just ship mcm on over to them as the representative of the USA with an agreement they put her dances on you-tube.

    But no, I do not believe it is fact.

    OK I just now read your question to the bottom.....Onion is like the political National Enquirer. They are famous for making up everything they put out. Nothing they say is true, ever. Too bad, I was ready to donate to the mcm dance fund.


    I must be toooooooooo old help me here who is mcm ???? Did I mention we owe them 1.6 TRILLION DOLLARS ???? Our future may include street signs in Chinese.I guess thats why we buy all those china goods. We are living in interesting times for sure . The ONION must be put out by congress they have the same credibility ,nothing they say ever is true. Bill

    mcm / mycatsmom

    Sounds like alligators in the sewer urban legend crap!


    You're welcome bluesman1951

    We cannot scrimp more than this, Mr. Hu Jin Tao.  May I call you J. T.?



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