what was the happiest day of your life ?

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    When I saw a miraculous living creature, my first daughter, on the small screen during the first ultrasound test of my wife's pregnancy and heard her heart beats was my happiest moment of my life.


    Very cool huh Schubee!


    "Warm up kid...your pitching next inning!"


    Thanks Coach! ...hmm...sounds like I'm back in my youth sports team, Coach!

    The day my son was born.  My husband thought he couldn't have children and at 48 years old our wonderfu son was born.  I have never seen a man so in love.  It was wonderful.

    The day I realised I needed to get right with God. I had a good life before and after but that day was the best. Contentment

    it sounds corny but I would have to say the day I met my wife.because of all the great stuff that followed as a result.My kids,my grandkids & many,many years of true friendship & quality companionship.

    My son was born this day 33 years ago.. 2/15/79.  Only one I have.

    I think every day you are alive and healthy, without hunger, pain, love of a good family should be one of the happiest days of your life



    Amen and Hallelujah!

    It's a 4 way tie daren...

    10/15/83 Wedding Day

    3/31/89 Son is born

    1/19/91 Daughter is born

    6/13/93 2nd Daughter is born


    The day I stopped taking Prednesone after 19 years of it!


    I miss coach, hope he shows up sometime soon...
    I've had so many happy, rememberable, loving, exciting, inspiring, times it's hard to pick one, but when one day I got on my needs and accepted Christ as my savor is one that fits all categories.
    PLus , My childhood days were the HAPPIEST days of my life, because they were filled with everything, from hardships, to first friends, to being the top of the class, to getting an injection on my bottom and mum getting me an orange juice for it, to not going to school for 4 days because the snow on the street reached my chest when walking, to thinking there was a haunted house in the neighbourhood, and an old witch who wanted to kidnap children, to enjoying every tiny present dad could afford to get me. wow, i can go on listing so many things, no wonder they are my happiest memories in life, whenever life fails my expectations i just take a visit to my childhood, dissolves everything :)

    I can see you smiling when you were remembering that
    The day i understood completely that life can be whatever the mind imagined it to be.

    I was happy when my frist child was born 44 years ago

    dunno haven't found it yet seems to be quite elusive......

    The day my Divorce came through!!:->>...Oh and not forgetting the day my cat had kittens!!!...ROTFL!!

    When I was reunited with my family almost two years after my defection.

    Each day I became a mom to a new and beautiful little girl, and knowing I had the perfect man by my side to help raise them.
    Interesting how many say the same thing? Thi first "picture" that came to mind was the instant that my youngest daughter. As the first external thing that she did in her life. Was to reach out and clasp my (her daddy's) finger

    Possibly the day I got my drivers license back after it had been suspended for a few years for over 20 unpaid tickets. I was riding my motorcycle and it was pouring down rain everywhere in FL as usual. I was thanking God as I was riding and you know what I didn't even get wet that day.

    There were clouds all around me, but never raining on me. Pretty cool.

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