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Who are the smartest people in the world
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I think many people are very smart, based on what they have been taught, programmed with, and/or brain-washed into by their environment. If they have been taught in a dumb stupid manner with wrong information. They might appear dull. Even they know something is wrong. If they were lucky enough to have a prosperous environment their natural genius will emerge. Look at Mozart and Aretha Franklin. Both heard music very early. Both became genius and prodigies.







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What is your favorite piece of furniture that you own?
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I love my kitchen table It's black with four black leather chairs and square shaped.

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Has any song ever moved you to tears? This just did it for me:
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Certain great singers, Celine Deon, Kelly Clarkson and more.

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Under what conditions would you marry a rich person for money?
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Being a very poor person that needs money.

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Have you ever hitchhiked? Were you fearful, even a little bit, but got in", anyway?
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When I was 16, I and my two best friends use to hitchhike all the time in San Francisco in the Bayview area near hunters point project. I lived in hunters point as a kid, 11 to 17 years of age, even by myself I walked down to Third Street and hitchhiked anywhere I wanted to go. What cured me was one night we hitch hicked to a party my friend's sister was giving, with three servicemen in uniform. They decided to take us to a party at a military base instead. Everybody danced and had big fun, There was a band. I think it was Treasure Island. We told the guys we had to be back home by 12 midnight. They said oh no, it's too early. We managed to get them to take us back to San Francisco.  That was it for me and hitchhiking.

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Are you more urban or rural?
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Does swimming in a pool count as taking a bath or shower?
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Next to, what is your favorite website?
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What are your thoughts on the massive college admissions cheating scandal?
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I feel like Ducky, but I not sure if it jail worthy.  The elite always has the upper hand and loopholes.  They don't hardly pay their fair share of taxes, get accounts overseas.  The bank got a get out of jail card, after many lost houses in the U.S. economic fall in 2008. The banks that were paid millions in finds not to go to jail.  One bank paid 70 million, I believe it was Chase or Bank of America. Several banks paid to keep offenders out of jail.


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To help or not to help..???
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I would race over NEAR him and holler STOP. I would not get close enough for him to pull me over with him.

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