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would not do.

Rating: 3 Posted: 3 days ago
What is your favorite kind of express?
Answers: 8 Views: 84 Rating: 4 Posted: 4 days ago


Rating: 5 Posted: 3 days ago
I just discovered this singer, Timi Yuro. I've never heard a white singer sound "so black"!
Answers: 5 Views: 127 Rating: 4 Posted: 9 days ago

Clonge, yes she might be black.  You know how genes work. A black person enters a family, maybe white, then a couple of generations later a black person shows up and nobody knows why. But, all in all we're happy for all the people we have on this planet, and she has a great and powerful voice. I'm  going to listen to her more!

Rating: 3 Posted: 5 days ago
Happy Thanksgiving Canada!
Answers: 8 Views: 143 Rating: 7 Posted: 9 days ago

Happy Thanksgiving!!! And, how can get more members to stay?

Rating: 3 Posted: 5 days ago
There are no stupid questions but I’m gonna play my card....
Answers: 5 Views: 125 Rating: 6 Posted: 11 days ago

my guess would be no. but, i'm not totally sure. jhharlan it's 4 am in California. I can't sleep. maybe it's the full moon. what are you doing up so late. however, good night pal.

Rating: 6 Posted: 11 days ago
Las Vegas! Even the NRA feels the devise used should be banned! What do you think?
Answers: 5 Views: 133 Rating: 6 Posted: 11 days ago

I feel it should be banned and a lot of guns along with it.  I do believe in people having guns for protection. However, it is way out of control.  Countries where they limit gun consumption have less gun incidents. We need to be a lot stricter. But I heard today that the NRA is pushing for bills to permit guns in bars, churches, college campuses and every where else in society. I can see I'll be watching TV more and venturing out of my house less. And plus, people get mad over anything nowadays, and if they have a gun in their pocket, holy moly.

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Do you think it's rude or embarrassing for your friends to take the mail out of your box and hand it to you ?
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Not too many views on youtube. Amazing, isn't it, considering we are about 6 years old?
Answers: 7 Views: 216 Rating: 7 Posted: 17 days ago

Clonge, thanks for talking about you-tube video. I did not know it existed. I just watch it. Very good!!!

Rating: 8 Posted: 17 days ago
What us the last thing that you cooked?
Answers: 11 Views: 380 Rating: 6 Posted: 21 days ago

I cook so seldom, I forgot.  But seriously, I mostly make a soup about every two weeks. Cook oatmeal in the morning with fruit, walnut, blueberries, and maybe yogurt. Banana's with blackstrap  molasses. I do buy some fast foods, shame, shame.  My better half cooks most of the meals and I eat that too. Man, I getting hungry. I also have a neighbor that cooks big meals for her family and friends.  About every two weeks she brings me a big plate of great food.  I thank her by giving her bags of fruit, walnuts, and Oreo cookies. She comes from overseas.


Rating: 7 Posted: 17 days ago
Curious.....Do you ever have an afternoon nap?
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if i feel tired. but most of the time no.

Rating: 8 Posted: 19 days ago

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