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Next to, what is your favorite website?
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Rating: 4 Posted: 2 months ago
What are your thoughts on the massive college admissions cheating scandal?
Answers: 3 Views: 183 Rating: 2 Posted: 2 months ago

I feel like Ducky, but I not sure if it jail worthy.  The elite always has the upper hand and loopholes.  They don't hardly pay their fair share of taxes, get accounts overseas.  The bank got a get out of jail card, after many lost houses in the U.S. economic fall in 2008. The banks that were paid millions in finds not to go to jail.  One bank paid 70 million, I believe it was Chase or Bank of America. Several banks paid to keep offenders out of jail.


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To help or not to help..???
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I would race over NEAR him and holler STOP. I would not get close enough for him to pull me over with him.

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hi all ive missed you
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Nice to see you back.


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would you kill for money?
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No. But who would say yes to that question.

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What kind of music do you relax to?
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Barry White, Whitney, Roy Orbison, Prince, Mozart, Michael McDonald all kinds.

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What was your first impression upon seeing the one that you eventually married?
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Well dressed, nice, stable. I was right.


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Is anyone following the "Jussie Smollett story"? He's an actor who is making a lot of money, and in..
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Clonge, Glad you asked. Me and my better half have been talking about it. I feel it's getting way too much publicity.  But that was his intent to get publicity to make more money.  Hollywood does things like that sometimes.  Another girl I read about this week did the same thing. She got 6 months probation and some community work.  That's what he needs. Young and dumb and pulled a prank on himself. They act like he pulled a terror attack. I think he learned a good lesson.  Now put that media attention on all those priest that have molested thousands of kids worldwide for generations. Put that media attention and all the bankers that caused the economic collapse of 2008 which caused many in the middle class to lose homes.  These bankers simply paid multi million dollar fines and never went to jail.  But there's a big upheaval about this kid Jussie . . . Please.

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is it safe to smoke cigarettes while riding your bicycle
Answers: 13 Views: 920 Rating: 3 Posted: 7 years ago

Not safe riding or not riding your bike.

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Is there one word that you "live by"? If yes, what is it?
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