Please, I would like your prayers and support.

    I had origionally decided that this was the year of saving money and have come to realize that if I stay where I am I will be rent poor. My parents have offered to support me and try to help with a down payment and suddenly this has become 2012...the year of buying a home, I just put in an offer on a house $50,000 less than I had originally asked for a mortgage. In the long run, I will be paying less for a mortgage than I pay for rent but trying to get the Canadian Banks to even look at me as a single mother is almost a joke. Please think of us as you pray tonight, tomorrow and the next week on forward. I don't want to continue to pay another mans mortgage off, i want to pay off my own. I work my back side off to get anywhere in life, Please pray as there is so much power in your thoughts and prayers.

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    mc giver

    HI jon here from connecticut usa being once a single parent i know it is tough . Getting a loan here is next to impossible . best wishes and my prayers .jonathanmarkas on facebook

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    mom i am praying for you right this minute.  god bless and good luck!!!


    Thank you Tabber, You have no idea how much all this support means to me.

    Hope all goes well for you, blasted banks are so discriminating.


    I don't really know that it is discrimination, I just wonder sometimes if thats part of the deciding factor. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers

    MOM, believe me , banks all over the world are not partial to single women, that is definately discrimination even thou it is illegal.

    Done. A request has been put in to the "Big Guy". He always listens


    Thank you Ed Shank...that means a lot to the boys and I. We accepted the sellers price so now it goes back to the financer...I'm out of my comfort zone and it's certainly an uneasy feeling.

    I will pray that you will get  the home that you want. You have worked so hard all your life and you deserve it.  Lots of love and prayers, Ann


    Thank you Ann...I have worked hard for years, this is just so scary.

    I hope you have applied for a 30 yr. fixed mortage rate. I think its the safest way to go.Unless someone else has a better idea.

    I mom I wish you all the luck in the world and I am saying a preyer for you and your family good luck as well


    Thanks so much, this ia a huge step on our lives.

    Done, I have my fingers and toes crossed for you as well. Good luck, hopefully you will never look back



    I don't think I will ever look back. Renting always has an err of unsteadiness with it. You never know when the landlord will decide he wants you out. thank you

    DONE.   Mom,  prayer,  with creative visualization added for extra  strength,  prayed just for you and your family.   Visualize your new home and how you will decorate and furnish it. Be ready,  it's coming!!


    You send shivers down my back, I have been envisioning my things throughout the house. I have also envisoned a wine dance around the sold you so much.

    Dear Mom, I too believe in the power of prayer. I certainly pray for you and your boys. Let's pray for God's will to be done. Sending you love and prayers, Nene


    Thanks so much Nene...I too believe deeply in prayers and good thoughts. I am at the point that now in order to keep myself level, I must let go and let God. I am always talking about blind faith so now it is my turn to look to God with heart and trust. If it is right, the doors will open. Faith is an action word and I have taken all the current action I can. Thank you so much.

    You have my best wishes and hopes that it works out for you as it should :)


    Thank you Colleen, it's not easy being a single woman let a lone a single mom as well. I know I have the ability , but I want the bank to see tha as well.

    I will include you in my prayers........


    Thank you so much, I just need to be calm now, the offer is in, it's now up to the bank. I either take this step or I continue paying a huge rent to pay off my landlords house. God's will be done!

    You may already have your heart set on a particular home and if so, my suggestion will be irrelevant.  Have you considered buying a duplex so that the bank will look at your situation differently?  They see that you have additional "help" with the mortgage, as you have even more income, via a tenant,  which they consider a good thing.  Now I realize that being a landlord can be a pain, but if you are lucky and get a good tenant, it's not so bad. At least, you are working toward home ownership.

    I will pray for a good outcome, and soon,  as I know this is a stressful situation.


    Thank you....I did look into a duplex but it is way out of my price range here. I have put an offer in and it has been accepted on a home that is over $50,000 below my original bid for a mortgage so I am hoping and praying that with the drop in borrowing value, it will be a lot more of an acceptable price for my income. Being a single mom, it is a lot more difficult to reach too far. Please keep us in your thoughts and thank you for your advice.



    I had to pull out of the house...I just don't have enough money set aside to live on and chose not to put myself in the debt hole trying to live off of my line of credit. In six months I will try again. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

    I pray that you get this longed for roof over your head, every one deserves to have a place they can call home.


    Well said, we have been renters for tired of pumping hard earned money to pay another mans bill. Than you.

    I will say a prayer for you. I hope all works out well for you. I also hope that you have chosen a house with minimal repair and maintenance, as unlike renting, every little thing is now upon you to pay for and have done. All the way down to mowing the lawn!


    This place doesn't need a slap of paint or anything. It is a modular home that has recent reno's done and a new roof. The only thing I see needing done is there is a double bay garage that I will have my salon built into one side. It has already been framed in but the rest is up to me. I need a place to work but for now I can do it in the breakfast nook like I have done in this house for the past five years. It would be a dream to separate the hose and my work so thats all there really is to do.I already take care of the yard and shrubs here so mowing won't be something I have to adjust too, now I will just be able to add some nice shrubs and so on.Thank you for your prayers.

    Mom, Respectfully, prayers aren't going to convince the banks or any other lender to accept your mortgage application. What's needed is a financial balance-sheet that justifies a given monthly mortgage payment. A pre-approved mortgage application will spell out the maximum size of mortgage that a bank will underwrite.

    If you've applied for one or more and have been refused by all, that's a fair and real indication that you can not, at this time, afford one. As for being a single female, that is completely irrelevant when it comes to mortgage approvals. What matters most is a steady,reliable income.

    CMHC is an option if you don't have a sufficient down payment. They'll top up your mortgage to 90% of the property's value. As for the other 10%, that's where your parents come in. Good luck to you !


    I originally applied for a pre approval for $275,000 but was not allowed a 5% gift for the down payment. I have now found a home for $50,000 less and am hoping they will look at it again from another angle. The mortgage payments along with insurance and property taxes will still be less than I am comfortably paying for rent now. I work hard for my money, I just didn't expect that my parents would step in to offer help at all. I was prepared to wait another year and make this year a year of saving rather than buying so all this has become hugely overwhelming. I'm not asking for God to intervene in a cost issue but more that if this is meant to be it will happen.I agree totally with what you say, it's more that I am a property virgin and have no partner to back me up so a little support of prayer isn't at all too much to ask. Thank you for your response but please do ask that a blessing be part of this life change for us I if you can.

    mom, banks are not the only game in town. Try Credit Unions failing which mtg brokers who are paid by lenders. With 50K down you should be fine. our best wishes are with you.

    Consider it done.  I will send you a housewarming gift when you and your family move in!


    I decided to pull out of the deal. I was putting us into a position that left us without any savings to live on by buying the house now. In six months I will look again with more confidence. Thanks for your prayers.

    Sorry to hear this, but you are a smart woman and everything WILL work for you. I know you won't give up. Prayers will continue.

    Mom, you had to do what is best for now, I will keep on praying for the next time, when you find another home to buy. It will happen.You are still young and determined. Sorry this did not work out, but it will next time.

    Mom, I will pray.  Please remember that our timing isn't God's timing....His timing is eternal not a 24 hr day or 365 year.  I know the frustrations of this and am in a similar financial situation.  Keep in touch with us.  Come on akaQA and have some fun...Warning: we can be silly, funny, dead serious, even a bit obnoxtious.  But almost all of us care about the wlfare of others on this site. 


    I have been on this sight for quite some time and agree with the wonderful things you say about this sight. People here are great and the support is insurmountable. I'm not worried about the house thing, I feel bad I put the real estate agent through the gears of almost going through with it but I knew I just wasn't quite ready. I'll try again this summer when I've had more time to save and plan. I know God is in the works and thank you.

    Stop fretting about the real estate's their job- just refer someone to the agent

    Mom. It is so good to see so many on here believe in prayer. You have mine also. What is impossible with man is easy for God.


    AMEN very true. Thank you!

    I have been told to try the Credit Union by others , hopefully the bank I am trying to deal with will take us on. I don't have $50,000 to put down but more like 10%. I won't give up on this.Thanks for your thoughts , it goes a long way.


    You will get that perfect home... you just watch. Things will fall into place. This didn't happen for a reason.

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