Let's all congratulate fish Girl for her Karma! Good job Miss Fish

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    Thanks Clu! xoxo

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    congratulations "fg' you have a unique way of adding a bit of humor to some fantastic answers, please keep the outrage add a whole new dimension to this site..


    That is so nice. Thank you.

    Your fingertips show your artistry in your craft as well as in your typing... Congratulations, I'm glad you made it (I did notice the mark earlier but was waiting for the thread, I should have said something then...)


    Benthere pointed it out to me. He said he watched it tip over. I miss the good stuff!
    Thank you Julie.

    good work fishgirl, I enjoy reading your answers and comments, all the very best and keep the answers coming


    Thanks Lamby.

    thanks for all your comments fishgirl!!


    Thank you for yours as well.

    Canadian fish= they are the best. Congratulation and thank you for all the fun and laughs.


    Thanks Ann. Thank you for the fun and laughs.

    Thanks for all your comments and support fishgirl, welcome to the club.


    It's funny but I still feel exactly the same.... I liked your addition to the Blog. Inspiring. Thanks Randy.
    Headless Man

    Glad to do it.......

    Way to go Fish Girl. Keep up the good work . I love your answers they are smart and to the point. Congrats !!


    Thank you for the lovely compliment Varon.

    Congratulations Fish Girl ,glad you are with us.

    good on you Fish girl you give good answers and good humour you sound great with your comments


    I didn't know I had that many comments inside of me... shocking actually! :)

    Woo Hoo FG...your an asset here. Glad to have chatted and have enjoyed your personality.Thank you for all your great answers.


    Thank you as well. It has been a lot of fun so far ....

    CONGRATS FISHGIRL,keepin' comin.


    Thanks B-man!

    ""          CONGRATULATIONS FISH GIRL !!!!!!!                  You are an intelligent young lady and I enjoy and appreciate your contribution to this site, WELL DESERVED !!!!!


    That's cute and thank you for the nice words as well.

    Love ya FG XOXO


    Big hug Robertgrist!

    Big hug, big kiss...... You are awesome!


    Big Hug back and you are awesome as well.

    I enjoy your comments from the opposite end of the world to me.

    Paul McCartney sang "People are the same where-ever you go".

    Seems to be true.


    Thanks Tommyh. When I read your comments I read them with an Australian accent! Kay xo

    The thumb isn't sticking again. I will try again later.

    Hahaha! I'd like to hear that Aussie accent one day.

    It's odd with these thumbs .... I have been by at least a half a dozen times and thumbed this up to no avail.... aurgh...

    Well Done sweetheart you do really desearve this as you answer so many questions and I love all your answers and comments well done and keep them coming Love ya XXXX

    Well done Fish Girl,you always give such great answers.

    Love, love, love your humor...always feel as though I'm having a coffee with you.


    You are! I love love love your humor as well.

    Thank you fish girl.

    A week late but blame mother nature for that! LOL.......... You are one of akaQA's treasures FG! Welcome to the 100K club! 



    That's adorable Colleen and I love clown fish! Thank you.

    Attitude = A+. You're now part of the real world. Welcome.

    Great to see your swimming upstream in the "great people" river. I am glad to see you have helped so many people.Thank you for sharing who you are with all of us, your one awsome Canadian fish.


    Thanks Mom! It seems so curious saying that!

    "" Congratulations, fishgirl. You're going snorkling...

    May the creatures of the oceans  look upon you as a meal. Congrats.

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