What's for breakfast ?


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    Marlboro and a cup of coffee.

    Bahahaha... Marlboro light.. I mean gold.. for me and a cup of coffee... We need to quit smoking.. Well as soon as people quit ticky us off.
    ed shank

    We all know the smokes are bad. I get so tired of hearing the same s**t from others everyday. I think at this point, I'm smoking to piss them off. My buddy quit, he's now 60 LBS overweight. Tell me he's healthier than I am. No way.

    I will never in my life be able to go without Nicotine. I get kinda Catatonic. One time when I was going through a quitting phase I almost coulldn't go to school to pick up my daughter. I watched the clock and knew that I'd have to move at 2:50 PM. Could I?
    Well, I did. I tried many many times to quit. I spent a lot of money taking therapy to quit. Nothing helped but one thing. ONE THING.
    I chew Nicorette Gum. I can't imagine life without it. I think it's cheaper than smokes ... but not much. I've been doing that for 20 years.
    I like it better than cigarettes! I worked for a thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon when I smoked. Used a lot of breath mints.
    Full english - egg, bacon, sausage, toms & toast washed down with a mug of hot tea.

    You've forgotten the grapefruit juice and cornflakes.
    I like breakfast for supper. I never eat breakfast. Best time for pancakes , sausage, eggs , orange juice and coffee is night time for me :)

    Thanks Colleen, lets have a late night breakfast sometime, my treat. It's a place where I live named Huddle House, sort of like a Waffle House, you can buy breakfast ANY time of day and they servr really GOOD food.

    I love places like that!!! It's a date for sure!!! :D

    Nope you cant go unless I get to tag along.

    Woo-hoo!! 3some!!! :D LOL

    OK, then we'll make our date for Tuesday if we have it in England :)

    Last time you checked in was about a month ago. Come to California. We'll go to Batter's Up.
    Coffee and Stella D'oro Almond Toasts.

    Sounds good 6dogs4us, those toasts are good. Thank you for the comments.

    6dogs4us where do you find those Stella D'oro Almond Toasts I can no longer find them around here and I love those.

    WalMart has them here and so does Market Basket.
    Fruit and nuts, flax seed and sesame seeds and almonds, all ground of course. The fruit is not ground, I can still chew with my own crowned teeth.

    That's not breakfast, that's bird food!!

    Thank you eggplant, I LOVE flax seeds, and they are good for you. Appreciate the info.
    grits, hash browns, scrambled eggs, turkey sausage patties, bacon, sourdough english muffins, and coffee.

    Hello my friend, sounds good, I love grits too and hash browns also. Thanks for the info.

    Feast like the Queen I am. :-)
    I'm eating right now, pancakes , sausage, eggs , orange juice and coffee.

    mmmmmm .... smells good!
    I'll have the same,not hard to get along!
    usually grab cereal. sometimes look in the frige and get leftovers. could be cold pizza, meatloaf sandwich, salad, whatever.

    I understand that, I'll grab something quick like cold pizza when I don't have time to cook breakfast. Thank you carmaxable for your input.

    Potluck... lol!
    hash browns Tomatoes scambled eggs and ground coffee and if iam lucky pancakes with maple syrup yum

    Yum Yum, would you please invite me over next time ? LOL. Thank you so much for your input.
    Coffee and a corn toast-r-cake with butter.

    Sounds like a winner, Thank you Black3 for your info.
    green eggs and ham.

    Watch out for those green eggs.

    Vegemite on toast or crumpets [ the eating kind] plus a mug of Nescafe.

    Dunno but if you want breakfast in bed sleep in the kitchen.....
    ed shank

    That's great.

    Hey Ed just me being me what can I say LOL
    I made a ham, egg, and cheese sandwich on toasted potato bread with real butter. Also had an apple and a glass of V-8.

    Sounds good leeroy, I love V-8 also, I just wish it didn't have so much sodium. Thanks for the info.

    True, but I've tried the low sodium V-8 and it's terrible. As long as you don't drink it everyday it's probably fine.

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, they say you should eat half an hour after you wake up.

    I dont eat breakfast.. But I love it for dinner.. French toast and coffee... I love bacon but it does not love me.


    You're welcome to have dinner with me anytime.

    "A stack of Flapjacks with (Maine) maple syrup! & cranberry juice & coffee!" "Tell ya what!"

    What do you mean? I've just had dinner.

    Cracklin Oat Bran Cereal with Orange juice over it. (OJ is great on some cereals)

    Whatever you feel like right over!...(:


    Come on over, you're welcome anytime.

    To be healthier i have been eating oatmeal with cinnamon. Adding frozen blueberries. Then a scoop of a protein powder. My normal vitamins, for morming, astaxanthin, pomegragate, fish oil, and a few others. Really drops cholesterol count and blood glucose.


    That's WONDERFUL zorro, keep up the good work, way to eat healthy. Thank you for your input.

    Zorro: What drops Cholesterol? Fish oil?
    ed shank

    Oatmeal is great for cholesterol. I've never been over 140.

    I just bought an old Griswold egg skillet at a flea market , I took it home cleaned it then seasoned it again . Its a small square skillet that makes the egg the right size for a sandwich I put a little chopped green peppers, onion, mushrooms it let them cook down a little, stir in the egg then top with cheese, garlic and Tabasco.


    Man that sounds really good, I must try that. Thank you JDB for your comments.

     A combination of other things as well. Probabaly the treadmill at  3 mph for 20 min a day. Thats what i'm at, started at 2.4 mph for 20 min every two days. I take fish oil twice a day. Thats for the good cholesterol. The bad stuff though ,hard to say . I also take a supplement pack of vitamins from pure encapulations called Pure Lean Pure Pack. Its for healthy glucose metabolism, lipid  (fat) utilizatiion, weight management.. But , your body will produce bad cholesterol if you are under stress. Especially older people. My mother in law was so worried about high cholesterol , she died at 73 , and wouldnt eat hardly any red meat. Her cholesterol was extremely high, around 300, if i remember right. So eat foods with cholesterol red meats , shrimp, but just in smaller portions. Look up astaxanthin. It really has done well for me. My eyesight has really improved . I have gained back more muscle , but not lost too much weight yet. Did lose two pant sizes .


    That is great zorro, sounds like you know what you're doing, I like it, KEEP doing what you're doing. Thank you for the info.

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