when the world is going to end

    when is the world going to end

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    Eddina Symns

    ONLY GOD KNOWS. Quit fretting about it.

    cogito ergo sum

    what a croc!!!!

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    The world will end for you when you die.

    PLEASE don't ask when that is going to happen because that will also be pointless

    Well if it is going to end I do not know and I do not give a bugger. Should be in 5 minutes or 5 million years there is not a thing you can do about it, don`t waste your time try to ponder the unponderable. Exert your engery on what you can change.


    The planet will remain useful to human life for about 4 billion years.

    At 3.30pm next Friday week. I read it in a christmas cracker. I mean how can anyone answer that question

    The Bible tells us no one on this planet knows. Only God knows.


    ....... yes

    It is not going to end, Revelation says it will be cleansed by Fire but then this will be the new home of God. Read the book of revelation (WE WIN). GOD SAID IT I BELIEVE IT THAT'S THE END OF IT.


    Who said God said it? Your belief in black being black and no shades of grey is typical of those who do not have an enquiring mind and why monkeys still live in trees.


    I for one do not want to die, but for just the way humanity has become it is the only way. Evil and cruelty along with greed has taken over in an unstoppable way and it's only going to get worse. God will have a plan for us.

    I know for sure, so believe me when I tell you this.....TODAY AT 5PM.....get packin'......hurry!!!

    I dont think the world will end it will be just different as we know it

    That is ask here often, do a search here and you will get your answer, give a thumbs up for the correct

    It ended many times before according to some...

    Thing never end, only a new beginning is on the horizon , soon I hope!

    it won't end. =] but it may be reborn.

    When I am 91


    Now, is that for sure!? :)

    its not going to end ,its going to change . for the better

    wen the heavenly father sen hes son,and we reborn again in i new body.


    wen U lern 2 spell.

    it is becuse the moon gets frezing its big rock it bags up and it kiks the world

    When you can't read this message and there wont be anyone here to tell you the end has come and gone.


    IT IS GOING END ........

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