i had my first few cigarettes today if i stop now will the damage i have caused ever heal

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    The damage caused by 1 Cigarette or 1 day of smoking would be negligible.DON"T keep smoking! Not only the health risks to be considered.It's a very expensive habit to maintain these days.
    I wish I had never started,now I'm well & truly hooked.

    i smoked 3 packs a day for over 30 years. caused me to have a stroke that left me permanently partially paralized. i s totally paralized on my left side. will never get it all back. i certainly quit, AFTER it was too late. if you could quit now, and people who dont smoke, dont start. if i can quit, anyone can!
    If you stop now, all the damage will heal, please do.
    Quit now, time will heal all wounds!
    Smoking is worst than drugs, or alcohol, believe me. It's so hard to quit once you start. Be smart, don't start.
    Too much hype, you are not gunna die!! There is no damage.. You breathe in worse toxins everyday, diesel smoke, BBQ grills, pollen, just walking down the street or on a health jog you are breathing in carbon monoxide from the cars going by and that stuff is NOT made for human consumption, cigarettes are! How come our FDA here in the USA hasn't forbid the manufacture of cigarettes?? Amazing huh since they stop production of so many foods and drugs that they consider life threatening, why do they continue to allow the #1 advertised people killer?? They got you so shook up you are worried about damage from just a few cigarettes.. Don't be silly..

    BTW: I don't smoke cigarettes, I do smoke a cigar maybe once per month or less..
    If you no longer smoke - no problem.
    Peoplelover, i afraid i still smoke, tried the CHAMPIX tablets, they are supposed to help you quit until i heard on the news there's a 70% more likely to have a heart attack so i gave them up. with vegemite they are altering it,too much salt , funny how it hasn't effected 3 generations,

    Yes mate I agree giving up the old coffin nails is not easy for a lot of people.
    I had stopped several times before I finaly stopped for good.

    The worst thing ever with the old vegemite is that bloody cheesymite shit they brought out.
    The damage done by cigarette smoking is irreverible for the following reason. Your lungs internaly can be likened to bubble wrap, you know that packaging material that is all air bubbles? You may call it by another name.

    When certain chemicals come in contact with these "bubbles" the bubbles burst (die)> Have you ever tried to rebuild the bubbles in bubble wrap? You can`t, and you can`t rebuild the ones in your lungs.
    Tobacco smoke directly smoked or "passively" is one of the major "bubble bursters "

    With respect to vinny saying "you are not going to die , I hate to tell you this, you are, we all are.

    As to whether cigarete smoking will contribute to "when" you die depends on your matabilisms` abilty to with stand the toxins.

    I agree with vinny that we all inhale more toxins than we should but I ask should we add another one just for the hell of it?

    I was a heavy smoker until my 40s and over the last 10 years I have been paying the price for irriversible damage.
    Try and stop NOW it is one of the deadliest addictions and can get hold of you pretty quickly.Just put it down to a experiment you tried and leave it at that.You will be the smart one in the long run.
    All these goody two shoes non smokers realize that all smokers gave up cigarettes that they will be hit with fantastic taxes to make up the revenue loss, then they will beg the smokers to light up again!

    Hear what you say old mate but according to what I have heard the amount expended on health treatment from cigarette smoking caused illness is greater than the tax received on the tobbaco sales.

    Not saying that it is the case but that is how I hear it.

    Might be all bullshit, just hope vegemite doesn`t turn out bad. Gave up the fags but I would be hard pressed to give up the old axle grease.

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