Aren't there laws against leaving a dead body above ground, at the mercy of weather and animals? Casey Anthony left her daughter like this. Alice Smart

    as Casey Anthony did Caylee's? Can she be prosecuted for this?

    Alice Smart

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    Yes. But it was never proven that she left Caylees body there. She was not found guilty of agravated child abuse or murder. No charges can be filed.
    If there is such a law, it's too late, you can't be tried for the same crime twice!
    It is too late, IamPamela, too late for Caylee, too late for Casey to ever be punished for this crime.
    their are laws caled improper disposal of a corps or somthing to that eefect, but it wouldn't apply since she's been aquitted of child abuse as well as neglet
    Moving Graves Or Remains


    Only licensed funeral directors with a valid burial transit permit are allowed to remove buried human remains. Moving human remains for any reason is almost always a controversial issue and before you can remove human remains, you need to obtain permission from the descendants.

    If you encounter unmarked human remains, you are by law obligated to notify local law enforcement. Do not remove or disturb the remains in any way and stop all activities that can disturb the burial site. After this, professionals capable of recognizing the remains are called to investigate and decide whether the remains need to be removed or if other actions need to be taken to protect the remains. Do not let anyone else except law enforcement officer, medical examiner or archaeologist representing the Florida Division of Historical Resources to remove or disturb the remains. A failure to notify law enforcement gives grounds for a second degree misdemeanor suit.

    Problem is that no one can prove who placed the body there. Thumbs up on your question.
    I thought she buried her. I think she had help.....prob her dad, b/c it was on her parent's property that Caylee was found.
    Casey was never charged with "ABUSE OF A CORSPE" so, she hasn't been acquitted with anything inregards to this but, I don't know if the STATE will pursue this but, I believe they should pursue "PERJURY" charges an give her 15 yrs. to CINDY>

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