Have u ever eat bugs?

    Is it tasty?

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    I've chewed a few riding my Harley. Some are pretty good too! some not so good..
    ole hipster

    so true (about the Harley I mean)..I see we have an old biker...what kind and year Harley? may I ask? (:

    Sold it-- It was a 1974 FXE but it was all customed, Invader 10 spoke wheels, 40 over stock, 8" extension, Sifton 468 cam, phase 3 belt drive, chrome all over and a very very cool paint job. had other stuff too but I forgot. It was so nice I was afraid to drive it I might mess it up. I wish i would have kept it.. Wife said 'me or the bike, one of us must go.." So after thinking a few days about it.. I decided the wife was a better ride.. LOL
    ed shank

    Any regrets yet? Why do women do that? "It's me or your machine". Sold my race car many years ago, but couldn't stay away from the sport. I got into another one not to long after. With a machine you get exactly out of it what you put in. You can put your heart and soul into a human and get nothing back.

    So true.. Yeah, I have lots of regret because even though I sold the Harley, we divorced anyway.. That was a lot of years ago, a few times i thought of getting another one but I just never found one that begged me to take it home. The FXE, I had that one customed to my specs. I had more 'play money' back then too and to build something I would like to compare with that today would be totally our of the question. I can't see settling for stock, although some of the stock HD's look pretty nice as they are.
    Headless Man

    Yes, I've eaten a lot of them Harley bugs, use to be a dealer ate 50cc bugs and 1200cc bugs and they all taste the

    Nah!! Some are better than others, if the birds won't fly into them, neither do I.. LOL
    Yes, my brother brought home some fried grasshoppers when I was a kid and I ate them....very tasty actually!

    wow, serious? "fried grasshoppers" euaghhh :S :S :S
    ole hipster

    Better than potatoe chips! Yummy!! how ya' doing double??
    Yes, while I was staying in Sri Lanka, I ate them daily, not willingly. The bakers there don't sift the flour they make it with weevles and all. Every day before people eat a slice of bread they xray it. Just put the slice up to the light and it will reveal every weevle. Then you only have to pick them out. Sometimes they are missed and eaten.

    how do they taste? like bacon would be nice!

    Not that I am aware of, but I reckon there has been the odd 1 or 2 in my take away foods that I have eaten over the years.

    yes every time i order from the "tiki bowl" chineese joint
    i have had a wichetty grub taste a little like peanuts.

    OMG!!! are you serious? eeuaaghhhhh :S :S :S :S i'd rather die :S

    can't knock it unless you try it!
    Have you ever eaten at an outside BBQ bugs love it
    Headless Man

    With enough BBQ sauce everything is good.
    no , but in india they eat fried turantulas and my teacher has and he says they are lovely
    Yes locust are good ants dipped in chocolate, snails in garlic.
    Ewww not intentionally nor do I think I will try that.
    Yes I love chocolate ants, fried grasshoppers and grub worms. Check out " Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern" on the Travel Channel on Direct t.v. 277, on Thurs. afternoon at 2pm. Look at the stuff he eats.

    with a side dish of escargot. :-)

    Escargot and beluga caviar YUM YUM, I'll save you some.
    no , but in india they eat fried turantulas and my teacher has and he says they are lovely

    I am a vegetarian fish.  If I have eaten a bug it was entirely by mistake. .... One year after the question was asked just in case you are still interested.

    crawfish is tasty!
    not yet

    No thanks.

    It seems to me that with the world population approaching 7 billion and due to rise to 10 billion by 2050, we need to think about other sources of protein than mammals, birds and fish.
    Insects could be the answer to the future food shortages, and could be fed on the mountains of food waste that we generate.

    I have eaten a lot of Morton Bay Bugs, they are absolutely fantastic, I think I prefer them to lobster.

    ew ew you people are sick.......

    Do you know how many spiders you consume while sleeping?

    Q. How many spiders do we eat while sleeping on a yearly average?

    A. The average human will consume 8 spiders through their lifetime sleeping. We consume more than that in the food we eat a year.

    WHat ??????
    ole hipster

    Yes, we are all sick puppies! Watch out...he walks amongst us..anyone out there remember the conttributor who said this?

    no, never, it's not necessary

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