To all of our friends in the USA - Enjoy your 4th of July celebrations!

    I am sure that along with other non USA members on this forum that we wish you all a good day. Enjoy! All the ladies of the house will, i am sure, be getting the final preperations in order for tommorow. In the UK it is now past midnight & i am now off to bed ready for a busy working day shoeing horses tommorow (just to make you all feel guilty lol). Again have a good day!

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    Not in this house, I take my wife out for
    Thanks Maz,and wishing you a kick free day at work...

    Thanks Maz, enjoy your input from the UK, and happy 4th of July to everyone as an expression of freedom!!!
    Thanks Maz. In my town we will be celebrating the holiday on the 8th-the 10th. We do this because of the fireworks displays. We and our surrounding towns alternate who gets to shoot them off on the 4th and then days there after so all towns can get out of town visitors to come and see their fireworks displays too. Marketing ploy to increase sales for the vendors and tax revenue for the town, don't you love it? LOL

    I do appreciate your post though! Thanks again! :D
    thanks maz it means more coming from someone from our only formible ally in the world GOD save the Queen

    Nice words. Thank you.
    Appreciate you thinking of us in such a nice way. Enjoy your horses.

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