Do we/you need to get a life?

    Are you addicted to akaQA or is it something to do because you can't do much more?

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    For me, it is an escape from everyday routine. I love interacting with people on this site. Sometimes I am on here too much, when I schould be doing something else.
    I didnt have a problem with my life style,just a lack of adult company.So when i stumbled across this site,i got my adult company. could say its become addictive.

    Honey you are preaching to the chior... I have not had adult company in years... Even at work I am with a room of 30+ children.
    I really enjoy interacting with those on this site. I have much to do in the coarse of the day, but take some time out to hang here. I know for me the attraction is the diversity of those on the site. People who I interface with daily in person, are somewhat boring, same conversation, same topics, this site is "Brain Drano" for me.

    Brain Drano - I love it!

    You said it for me!

    You said it for me!
    My disabilities have keep me home a lot and I'm only good for about an hour or so of work at a time around the house.
    I enjoy it when I set down to rest to pick up the laptop and enjoy interacting with everyone.
    Better than playing games all the time.
    Although I found myself spending more time here and less time doing what I need to do, now I believe I have a good balance to it, couple hours a day on here is enough for me.
    ed shank

    It was an issue with me as well at one time, but I also found a happy balance.
    Headless Man

    Good, not healthy to do one thing all

    this is a great thing for you to do while you're taking the rest, it's positive, and you're doing something with your brain while you're resting.
    No thanks I have more "life" than I can handle right now... THis site is my espace.
    my life is so busy, i don't know how i fit this in, but i do, so i guess i like it.
    i, feel since we don,t know eachother, i thing the answer are more honest, it also can give you a sence of knowledge what are other people worries and feelings
    ed shank

    It put's us all in the same human basket, young or old rich or poor, we all suffer from time to time. We all put our shoes on one at a time.
    I don't know what to say,that hasn't been said,it is addictive got to learn how to control myself,it like your curiosity wants to take over,find very interesting stuff and other people view,ext.
    I came in just snooping around and decided I like it. It's good to use the noggin again, I retired four years ago and have sat around talking to the dogs for that long. It's about time I have an intelligent conversation with adults and learn something along the way. It's been great so far. I need to leave every once in a while to get things done around the house, but I come back as often as I possibly can.

    glad you do, 6dogs!
    well yes it's addicting,like fat to mother in law, i wouldn't be here so much if i weren't laid off of cource their's plenty of other things i could be doing but they all cost money and most just lead to trouble..
    Headless Man

    You could stop by and work for me, the only pay is a thank
    ed shank

    Fat to a mother in law, love it.
    I guess I could spend more time on housework but...who wants to do that? I have fun here and I've learned a thing or two as well. My time is my own and I choose to spend it here. I'm not here all day, some days I am not here at all, but if I have extra time I like to sit and read what others have written for questions and answers. There are lots of interesting people on this site.
    I enjoy the interaction with others also,It's great how were all across the board,this is the first forum of any kind that I have been a part of on the internet.It's a great form of entertainment,sometimes I find myself laughing until I can laugh no more,although my husband is getting jealous,I think instead of turning on the tube some of us rather turning on the computer.
    I have a busy life, but I manage to get on to Q&A.
    You tell me if I'm addicted! I'm on vacation and still checking on this site...what am I doing here!!

    I love this site. It's so cool to communicate with people with no face or face on hand ;-), and get or give support and feel friendship. I hope this community last long!
    Headless Man

    face on
    Glad to hear that most of you do have a life outside of akaQA.
    For those that don't, get one and stay healthy.
    Been spending time de-cluttering the house, garage sale
    I'm addicted. I'd rather be here than paint, write, or take computer lessons. I have limited UP time and I pretty much choose to stay here with y'all.

    Can you say where you are?

    I'm at Seaside Heights, NJ now.

    Turn off the laptop and go jump in the lake.

    Been real busy taking photos at our bible school, won't be on here much this week.


    With regards to AKAQA,

    "We may not have it all together, but together, we have it all."


    Headless Man

    You think.......OK

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