as a school kid i wud like to thank those who helped me. i was using my iniciative regarding my homework assigment. i am sorry if i had upset anyone? x

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    You only "upset" when you post things like this. You asked people to do your homework for you. Not help you. As a matter of fact, you didn't even ask and never mentioned it was homework. You just posted the questions and had one person answering them until she couldn't answer anymore and then you literally called her out to answer another one for you. You had 23 questions and not one did you try to answer yourself. So stop acting like you got offended when I mentioned to people they were doing your homework for you. The person you called out figured out she was doing your homework and she got upset. She does not believe in kids cheating. She felt used.

    This is all I said and the whole reason you opened another question directed at me even though others told you we do not do homework here: "Looks like khall is only here to get his/her homework done by others. Take a look at all his/her questions." That's what you called my non support. The fact that I wouldn't do your homework. Using your initiative would have been doing it yourself not getting others to give their time to do it for you. Initiative should never equate to cheating,
    Thanks for your though, good luck with ur exam results, x
    This would hold more wieght if you did not so rudely tell Colleen, "Thanks for your lack of support". It takes a big person to know when they are wrong or have wronged. Maybe you are bigger than I thought.
    But you may want to do so research on your on, rather than asking us tho do your work for you.

    Thought is fine but spelling is atrocious. That means not good.
    check your spelling - it drives me crazy and reflects badly on you.
    Thanks for saying this, very polite. I'd say you'll do fine, x
    Kid, I hope you got a good grade, but that's called cheating. And the only one you cheated was yourself. Next time do it yourself. You'll feel better.

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