my daughter is having a baby for me how do i get my name on birth certificate

    it is my daughtrs egg but donor sperm,i have been infertile since 23yrs old,i asked my 21 yr old daughter to have one or i needed £10,000 to adopt from africa which i didnt have,im 42yrs old

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    So just being a grandmother to your daughter's child isn't enough? Anyway, you can not be listed on the birth certificate as the birth mother if you don't give actual birth to the child. As others have said, you will need to pay the costs of adopting the baby. Or have your daughter sign over all parental rights to you, which she can do as you are immediate family and you become the legal guardian of the child without having to adopt it to get those rights.

    im happy to be grand mother to my other grand children,but this is a different feeling,but here in ireland i can only adopt the baby after 5 yrs,i can apply for PARENTAL RESPONIBILITY,WHICH MEANS THE CHILD LIVES WITH ME,but she could take the child away anytime she like,


    You should have mentioned Ireland when you first posted. We are mostly American here so our responses will be based on American laws. As I've already posted, your initial story has a ring of untruth to it now. Maybe you just didn't take the time to fully explain the situation?
    Do you want your name on the pending adopted child birth certificate and the unborn child of your daughter?
    The person who gives birth is the birth mother. You would have to adopt the child legally after that.

    i know she is the mother,cos it is her egg,but she doesnt want this baby and has made not effort to bond with it,even not going to doc to say she is pregnant,she wont have scans or anything like that till the baby is listed as mine,i cant change her mind,

    I'm sorry but you just made the story of your daughter wanting to have a baby for you sound untrue. I think she got knocked up and has no interest in the baby and you are trying to figure out a way to make her care enough to keep it healthy so you can take it when it's born. Sorry. There's no law stating she has to see a doctor. There's nothing you can do to make her go.

    (This is based on US laws. I now know you live in Ireland. I do not know Irish laws concerning this).
    This sounds sinister.

    It's not though, it's very common these days.

    I don't know about sinister but it is different for sure.

    I can see it being common for the parents who end up raising the babies of their 12-16 year old kid...but this is different from that.
    ed shank

    My mistake, sorry.

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