Do You Think The Debt-Ceiling Should Be Raised?

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    No!!! The spending needs to be reduced big time not given a reason to increase! If they raise the debt ceiling one more time, we will be sunk completely. If they raise it you can watch the US bottom out financially because our dollar would then not even be worth the paper it's printed on.

    Washington can start lowering the debt by every single one of them on capitol hill taking a pay cut. Cut out excessive spending for foolishness. Brown bag their lunches. Pay their own travel expenses and kick in a share for their health care. Stop giving out grants for useless research too. Who really cares how people hold a fork and why they hold it that way. Trust me, they give out grants for research just as stupid as that.

    Stop sending monetary aid to foreign counties who do not appreciate it.

    Bring our troops home so we can stop supporting by lives and money other countries wars.

    Start collecting on the IOU's other counties have had with us for too many years now. Demand they start paying back their debt to us.

    Stop rebuilding countries we've warred in. It's war. Everyone takes their own losses and they do their own rebuilding. Japan did not rebuild Pearl Harbor for us.

    That's enough for now. I don't want to get too "ranty".
    This irresponsible government does not need more wiggle room. They need to be educated on how to live within a budget.
    ed shank

    Right on.

    You are on a roll with this reply. Great answers. We should send you to D.C. to tell 'em like it is and kick some butt!!!
    Go Girl!!!

    No, we cannot afford to. The government needs to tighten its belt just like we do.

    about as much as i need a hole in the head, the only reason they want to raise the dept ceiling is to reinforce their pay structure............


     NO they will just push us deeper and deeper down the DRAIN!""


    The drain!!

    Is this a beginning of a hole or the starting?Look like clear sailing.way to the bottom,just haft to switch to end for end.
    no, I think we have enough debt!
    Yes. In the past, when the U.S. reached the debt ceiling, Congress voted to raise, extend or redefine the debt limit. Now the White House wants the debt limit raised again. Congressional Republicans mostly agree that the debt ceiling needs to be raised but have said they will not vote to do so unless it is accompanied by major spending cuts and long-term debt reduction.

    So, for the sake of argument, let's say the debt ceiling isn't raised. The U.S. will then have to decide which expenses and debts to pay and which can wait. If the U.S. starts defaulting on (i.e. not paying) its debt, that's not just a problem for the entities that won't get paid -- it will affect the global marketplace and all of us who use it.

    So far, the market doesn't believe the U.S. will actually fail to raise the debt limit. The evidence for this disbelief is everywhere: Interest rates are still low, there's high demand for U.S. debt, the stock market is stable, banks are lending to companies and to each other.

    We shall know August 3, 2011.


    I agree with your previous answer Pam. We cannot default on our bills, for the reasons you stated.
    I do however, believe that Congress and the Administration must drastically reduce spending to stop this horrible spiral we are now in.
    BTW: August 2nd is just an artificial date, and the debt ceiling may not be passed by that day.

    Thanks Flip. Be it August 2nd or 30th should not matter, I don't think we should play games with our country.

    LOL.. we all say no... I guess we dont get a vioce. It will be raised...

    Hi Pamela I dont know much about the USA debt but if it like our in the UK they need to tighten thier belts like we do thought reading what you say does make alot of sence good question :)


    Thanks Mel! Do you know that you are on the Top Contributor list for this week? :-)

    Hi Pamela yes you commented yesterday and I had a peek WOW coulndnt belive it thanks Pamela for your kind thoughts and help :-)

    Very well deserved! :-)

    AAHHH Pamela you really are a Sweetheart thankyou so much oxoxox

    BTW, dii you try to change your avatar through your picture profile?

    no I did comment yesterday to say I tried to put a picture on but it still doesnt work I have my computor guy (Geek) on Monday I hope he will show me what I am doing wrong I will let you know but if you see a Pic from then you know it worked thanks for asking :-)

    Can we raise something else in lieu of debt?


    Yes, Prices. lol!

    Yes we can. We voters can start raising hell with the people we elected to represent us. This can be done by snail mail or e-mail The web addresses are available on line.

    i'm glad I don't live in the US.

    No I agree what colleen said,although I don't understand any of this finance issue,but my way of making end meet is not to spend more than what your making.

    The federal reserve loves to print money  at the tax payers expense,soon everyone will need a wheelbarrow of cash to buy a loaf of bread,

    The ox on the wheel can travel a thousand miles ,yet ends up going nowhere...


    That's where we are now, going nowhere.

    How deep is the shaft?


    The shaft of the Abyss!

    National credit problems affect the poor more than any other group. If congress cannot govern by agreement then the voters will choose the representatives who hurt them less. We are all told to believe that Congress has our interest and benefit in mind. But the last few years have been painful for more and more of us. What we forgot to do is to take care of ourselves independently of the government. If the economy goes up or down or collapses, we the people should be unaffected by whats going on in Congress or the economy. Our personal  independence is dependent on us. This precious gift we can only give ourselves, consist of our willingness to be free of our dependence on what we can do for ourselves. Beyond government support, beyond so much need  of foreign groceries, what we can make or do for ourselves. That is where our assurance of persistence exists. The threat of economic depression globally is a threat to every life that is dependent on that support. Threaten me and I accept the threat as serious and prepare for the dooms-day scenario to happen. Any other response is more stressful and does nothing for your personal security.

    No, I think if it is this time it will be again.

    we seem to know how to complain and spending more money than what were making,if my math is correct you can import more than what your export and at the end come to the top!

    You'd be better find a quick solution or were all be up a shit greet without a paddle Good Luck,with this Government,By  putting  all the blame on Obama. For all the other PRESIDENT MISTAKE..


    This should not be about who did this and who did that. This should be about getting our country back on track and the american people.

    Once you drown in debt,I don't think you can recover? It's too bad! The future for our kid seem very bleak.

    Of course we can recover. Cut spending. Cut the salaries of government crooks. Budget, budget, budget and get out of wars we do not belong in! Stop invading countries and forcing democracy on them. There are many ways to get rid of the debt. The fat cats just need to stop worrying about filling their own pockets and lining their nests with the citizens dollars. Do all that and the kids of today will have a bright future.

    Colleen you seem too have all the right ans except you don't tell us how to go about the situation.For solving the problem of debt.

    I guess you didn't read this part then facebook:

    "Cut spending. Cut the salaries of government crooks. Budget, budget, budget and get out of wars we do not belong in! Stop invading countries and forcing democracy on them. There are many ways to get rid of the debt. The fat cats just need to stop worrying about filling their own pockets and lining their nests with the citizens dollars. "

    I will add in, elect a president willing to do all this.

     No! just abolish the federal reserve and get back some of the money  stolen from the population, before they steal some more,we bail out banks, so why don,t we start asking for help  ourselves. assist your fellow human ,stop complying with this massive fraud of the people, America needs a hero not a puppet on a string.

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