What is the origin of Valentine's Day?

    Wondering about the historic origin of the holiday and its name

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    The day is named after one or more early Christian martyrs, Saint Valentine, and was established by Pope Gelasius I in 500 AD.


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    Pagan celebration allowed by some in there churches.

    Valentine was a priest that was imprisoned for giving the rights of ordinary folk to love each other, he was jailed in order to send the men away to war away from their loved ones. In prison there was a blind girl that was called the "gaolers daughter". Look it up on the web its there.

    Valentines day was made up by the card companies in cahoots with candy manufacturers to increase business. Same thing with Sweetest Day.

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    St Valentines Day was made up by florists who double their prices for this day.

    ST Valentines Day was made up by florists to double the price of flowers

    St. Valentine was the guy that chased away the snakes in Ireland


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    We know it was Sir Lancerlot who chased the snakes away, St. Valentine is the bloke who wrote "Candle in the wind' and set fire to his boy friend pubic hair.

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