Should we be attacking the people who fly corportate jets? These are the same people whose names are on the side if ER bldgs. Muesums, placks at parks, dontators to wounded warriors and yellow ribbon society. Why?

    Mary, I live in Annapolis where we have the Pat Sayjak pavillion.
    Let capitalism thrive you get more jobs more tax revenue and more pride

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    How could anyone argue the veracity and logic Expert has conveyed.  It is tiresome to me that "people" are always screaming about taxing the wealthy and letting the "little guy" reap the benefits. There are innumerable resources for those struggling (and in the US, even the homeless are most often "better off" than people in other countries), and opportunities are available for those who are willing to put out some effort. 

    The US started as a land of opportunity.  It has become a land of opportunists, and they are not necessarily the ones cruising in corporate (or private) jets.  At the top of my list would be the members of congress. 

    Additional note:  DIMOCRATS is right on.

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