Is anyone doing anything special for the 4th of July?

    Our friends in the UK and OZ don't celebrate the 4th, but they could add in their plans for the weekend. The 4th is on Monday so I know a few will be enjoying their 3 day weekend.

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    Backyard bash with relatives and plenty of fireworks! Everyone have a safe and wonderful Independence day weekend. :-)
    Staying where I am. Lots of fireworks to watch right from my Patio. Barbeque w. family. Do not want to go anywhere, it will be crazy up here .
    I'll be looking at the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air. Other than that just chillin with the old folk.

    that's the patriotic spirit...celebrate good times, come on! :-)
    the hatchshell on the charles river, with the boston symphony orchresta.. best time any where, just dont come by boat..

    I love that place. Never by boat though. I haven't seen the BSO for a long time. Used to go when I lived in Woburn. I miss going down, but I hate to fight the crowds.

    years ago we used to go in by boat, total nightmare when its time to leave, worse than sitting on the southeast expressway on a friday afternoon, much, much easier to take the subway.
    Yes i well know that all in the USA celebrate the 4th. July and it is a big day for you all. Please do have a good day & i raise my glass to you all .... CHEERS!
    We're doing BBQ with sister and hubby, drinks, fun, fireworks... My hubby bought mums wrapped in red/white/blue.

    wasnt she hot wrapped up like that? lol!

    ha-a-a-a- :))
    If I'm not too lazy about it, I plan on going to see the fireworks display. My town always puts out one of the best displays in my area. I just hate dealing with the traffic and crowds. I wish I lived close enough to just walk down to see them.
    going to the farm consuming animal flesh and barley byproducts
    ed shank

    Beer and burgers. Good man.
    Backyard Barbecue with my dad,my brother and his family and my hubby and my three kiddos and my three step kiddos,good food,good drinks and good laughs,and fireworks,my moms vacationing down south,so we will party without her here at home in Cali!:)
    Small town fireworks, last maybe :45 but thats enough, then home to bed, to old to have
    Backyard BBQ with family and friends, then going to see fireworks. I hope EVERYONE have a SAFE and JOYOUS 4TH.

    Thank you, and I hope you and yours, Have a Safe and Joyous 4th also.
    No, not any plans as yet. Good idea 6dogs, it would be great with holidays coming up. Thanks.
    I was thinking about drinking a 5th on the 4th, but my 6th sense tells me it will only be a 3rd of the 5th on the 4th.

    no we havnt planned anything and also we are going to the Hospital for a scan for my Husband just hope and prey that it is nothing nasty RE:"Prostraite" any way hope all you guys in the USA have a good day I have spent many 4th of July in the States and had a wonderful days xx

    Hope all is well with your husband. I'll say a prayer for him. good luck.

    thank you black 3 for your concern cheers x
    ed shank

    Don't sweat it, I say he'll be fine. I have an inside connection.

    Ah thanks ed for that, I really hope so wont know anything for about a week, cheers
    my sons birthday.when he was little he used to think the fireworks were for him. hell be 26 already! probably bbq.

    What a special and fun time that would of been for him,and im guessing that you pretended the fireworks were just for him.

    you know we did!
    My town did them last weekend (so they don't compete with Boston) and they do them right across the street from my house. My kids were up on the roof taking pictures. Then we watched while everyone tried to get home. I was glad I only had to walk across the street. I am not sure if I am going to attempt the crowds in Boston even though it's a beautiful display. I guess I'll have to sleep on that one. Either way I am going to have a nice long weekend.
    Wondering what the celebrations are for,have heard about it but dont know what it is.I am from oz.

    Here you go straight from Wikipedia (cause I didn't want to screw it up). Independence Day, commonly known as the Fourth of July, is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain.

    Oh thanks for taking the time to do that for me Black3,very considerate.

    wasn't the 4th of july when we defeated the aliens? lol --- seriously i hope you all have a great independence day, have one for me.
    Here in Canada they are pretty strict rule,danger for fire work and someone doing something stupid,which ruin it for everybody else.If I get the change come on all over will have blast`!!
    Don;t worry about the mess,we'll all have hangover in the morning
    So if we all wake up in the contribute to bad behavior,so we all behind bar,N

    Cut me off,before i was finish ,The main thing no ONE get hurt,and make a whole lot of noise ,so get all the good looking chick out of bed,give somebody a little fun,bring all the beer you can find "Happy Canada & USA.
    I'm going to let the neighbors use my sphincter to set off BOTTLE ROCKETS.

    Hope you use protection

    I'm ready.....bring on the BIG GUNS! ;)
    i am going away from the uk i will be going to the usa with my mum and dad and sister and bf
    I'm on vacation now in New Jersey. Today we are going to NYC, next week AC and Cape May!

    sounds great, schubee, have fun!
    ed shank

    Your venturing into another world. NJ, NYC, AC, Cape May, have a great time. P.S. Take the ferry to Lewes, Delaware, it's very cool.
    i, know you ask for doing somthing special,me and my husband will lazy around the house, wish evrybody a happy 4 of july.
    Its a good day to go down to park celebration, even more fun to watch the sheriffs office walk around the crowd serving arrest warrants.

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