in some of answering question god is named with help of god or in gods name and so on what god has to do with it

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    In a lot of instances it is just a way of saying something.
    Expressions come and go in all languages and to say "God almighty what have you been up to now" when speaking say to your child is not calling your child god almighty nor is it asking god almighty< if there is such a being< what he has been doing. It is in terms an emphasis of what you say.I agree with Shootah "Can`t we all just get along"
    Some believe that all comes through God, while on the other hand there are those with differing views. It is simply virtual life mirroring life...relligion, beliefs, and politics, always brings out a little bit of a debate. In the words of Rodney King during the last Los Angeles riot, I say but one thing, "Can't we all just get along?"
    I most of the time say thank god for this and thank god for that! I'm acknowledging the fact that it wasn't just a coincidence that something like that happened, that it was god's will....and i'm thankful for what he's done...appreciating it and not taking it for granted...because that's what really counts in faith...
    How about this: Considering your question it seems like you don't believe in i really don't know what to say's hard to explain to someone who doesn't believe in his existence...

    *With the help of God I'd like to one day know how to explain it properly!!!! :) how about that!
    That's what I'd like to know!
    God, has to do with everything.

    Except maybe, teaching you the use of

    thanks for your answer i like to know how other people think about that not of disrespect of religion

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