do rabitts hibernate?

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    bears do
    Rabbits or hares do not hibernate at all, but they do become less active to conserve energy in the winter.
    Simple answer - no.
    they become less active in cold weather but no hybernation

    Hey I got there one second before you, thumbs up dwayne!
    No. No hibernating for bunnies.
    In Northern climates snowshoe hares also change color with the seasons. They turn white to better blend with the snow.
    No they change color in the winter month to blend into their camouflage fur.

     Rabits do not Hibernate thier coats do change though, in Winter they get thicker and change thier colour

    How much do you know about rabbits ava1999? I can assure you they are far too busy doing "you know what" to have time to hibernate. They are flat out finding time to eat.

    "You just did that"----"Oh did I?" "Oh well as long as I have started I may as well finish".
    As a matter of interest I have personaly seen thousands at a time to prove what they occupy their time with.

    rabbits do not hibernate theyre out all year long but if its like a snowshoe hare,in the very warm summery climates they change into their thin brown coat to stay cool but in the chily winter climates they shed their thin brown coat and grow into a thick winter white coat hope u liked my answer comment on it thxxxxxxxxx

    I when I lived out in the country saw rabbits all year round even in the snow so I would say no.

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