what kind of water do you drink? Does anyone drink out of the tap? I can't imagine it.

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    I have a water cooler that I use at my house, I get the 5 gallon jugs filled at the grocery store, those machines have better water than bottled and they also use U.V. light to kill all of the germs. It's the best water for the money. Not to mention it tastes better than the 5 gallon water we order from Deer Park or Zephyr Hills.

    How do you wash the 5 gallon jugs? What's shakin' at Deer Park?

    You can just rinse them out with a little bleach and water. Some stores let you buy them filled so you won't have to wait for them to fill. When you have five of them it takes about 10 minutes.

    I think that in Deer park they all camp out there! Maybe it's brownies and cub scouts for deers?

    leeroy, I sure wish you'd come back and just say hello ... or more. leeroy is the man.
    yes i drink Tap water I was working for one of my cliants ans she was a cancer expert in trials ect any way back to the point I walked in one morning as usual with my coffee and two bottles of water and she went mad about the plastic bottles they can cause breast cancer in woman as the plastic starts to break down its alright if is kept in a fridge but its a no no when kept in a car so now if I am out in the car I put all my water in glass bottles and in our house we dont have any plastic that you reheat in microwave we always use glass plaese take this on board mel
    A few years back here in Australia,we had a health scare with our drinking water and ever since then i have drank bottled or boiled water.

    That was Sydney PL.Briz water was Gr8 & still is.

    Sorry...Yep it was only Sydney.
    i use tap water. not dead yet.
    Tap water in our home.
    I drink bottled water but use tap water for coffee because my coffee machine filters the water it and heats it up.
    accutally the say that tap water is more scrutinized than bottled water.

    I have heard that too.
    I have well water. I drink it every day... I really need to get a filter. But when I am out I drink smart water.
    I drink tap water unless in overseas country, then I drink bottled.
    The plastic bottles used for water do more damage to our inviroment in the way of carbons used to manufacture and transport it.

    We whinge about petrol at $1.40 litre but pay $3 for a 350ml of water in a plastic bottle. That is roughly $9 a litre. DUH?

    Sunshine coast water is great, aqua pura.
    nothing but the best, poland spring budweiser..
    Tap water. Even though our state recycles the plastic bottles, they are still a waste.
    Tap water, most tap water is cleaner than bottle water cause water is a living organism and bottle water is not refrigerated, also the bottles are so bad for our ecology. We have great tap water in fawnsin, ca.
    ed shank

    The bottles are an issue with me as well, but till the water quality here changes for the better, it's plastic water for me.

    I have never heard of Fawnsin, CA. Have you heard of Fresno, CA?
    Adelaide water is absolutely foul so i had Pura Tap installed [filtering system], the water tastes bloody good far better than bottled water. it was worth the money, coffee tastes great!
    I drink water from refrigerator water tap at home and Spring Water bottles from Costco.
    Zephyrills bottled water, wanted to get the filters for the tap but hubby likes to chat with the delivery guy :)
    Have three filters before it comes out the tap, still tastes like s**t. Bottled water only.

    That's what you get for living in NE Pa. I had the same problem when I lived in Pa.
    ed shank


    Yes, tap, 90% of the time.  Hawaii has the best water in the country, I think.

    Tap water here cost enough
    I was thinking of calling the Water Department and ask if they'd come to my home to check my water.
    It would save us About $40.00 a month. We drink plastic water and our sole income is what we get when we recycle.

    I WONDER HOW BRITA FILTERS ARE? I don't work for Brita, I just wanted it seen.
    Itsmee live in Fresno, CA

    itsmee - how come you have a different gravatar when you answer a question compared to when you ask a question?

    I like to change gravatars. It's a real challenge for me to change them. I gave up one time and my gravatar was a lamp in my livingroom.
    I've substituted water with wine. The tannins are natural antioxidants and preservatives. Tastes better too.
    I only drink the best,Canadian Beer!just kidding,I drink from tap no problem still alive.
    I drink distilled water and I have heard all the noise about it being bad for you. Some folk have a problem with distilled water because the ph is 5.5 and tap water is usually ph 7. I’ve been drinking it of many years and I’m healthier and younger looking than anyone I know locally who is near my age.

    Not only from the tap, but I will drink it from the hose, especially good if the hose been sitting in the sun all day, it gets that rubbery taste that I like a lot!!

    I drink the cheapest bottled water from Wal-Mart that I buy in a 24 pack and keep in the fridge handy and cold.
    We have a well, but use a Brita filter jug and a Zerowater filter jug for drinking and cooking. Our water is straight off an aquifer but contains lots of iron which tastes awful and stains everything red. The jugs make the water much better tasting.

    tap water i dont like the backtaste you get with bottled water.I  do enjoy it when its just boiled and poured into a mug containing a spoon of coffee powder,the same of sugar(prefrably brown! bit of milk.THAT EQUALS HAPPINESS!!!think ill go put the kettle on....:)

    We drink water out of the tap in my corner of SD. The water is pumped from the Missouri river and purified and pumped to every town, house,business and farm in our district., tastes great. Remember bottled water comes out of a tap sometime in its life.

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