Do you trust the food products that are imported today?

    Not enough inspection for toxins and germs outlawed by FDA.

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    I wouldn't be so sure about the food that is produced in your country. GMOs anyone?

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    No. I think we have to go back to raising our own Vegetables and Fruit. Keep some Chickens and go fishing . Alot more work, but alot healthier.

    I think this is what is coming. I have thought this for many years. When I started to look around me and see all the stuff that people buy and want. The price and speed of their cars is ridiculous. All for show. And why?
    I have past the point of jealousy.
    I'm suspicious of all foods~imported ones are even worse. I'm not CRAZY, I just read too much.
    they rake our food growers over the coals while letting comie countries bring in what ever they want

    Learn something every day. : /

    i think less than 1% of imported sea food is inspected nation wide in al.we inspect about 50% but just because we want to protect our sea food producers
    Especially the seafood....The waters are very contaminated,especially in Asia.
    negative especialy anything from china..
    In a word NO. The hygiene in many countries leave a lot to be desired at the best of times so one can only guess what their food standards are.
    I buy nothing from China if so marked.

    The only countries I trust are USA. UK. Parts of Europe. Canada. Not in that order.
    NO!!!! Not only do I not trust imports I don't trust what is canned, frozen or fresh in the grocery. I have no idea what type of ground they were grown in, the fertilizer or chemicals put on them and the hands that have touched them. UGH! When available I buy local organic.
    Contrary to what the government says, I believe the chemicals in the foods and water are responsible for a lot of the diseases and problems our children have today. Not to mention the electronic stuff in our airwaves. More on that subject later.
    Not on your Nellie.
    I buy imported stuff we all do but when it comes to food I look at where it came from,, I don't want no Hong Kong Fooey germs bacteria, chemicals of unknown origin etc. put in my life support system
    You can sterilize bacteria ridden food, wash off pesticides and chemicals, however, you can't get rid of GM (genetically modified) foods which the U.S. is polluting the world with. GM foods destroy or genetically modify our cells in our bodies. A Russian scientist fed GM soybeans to hamsters. The third generation came out sterile. What do you think the true purpose of GM food is for?

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