Why dont we do homework on here chortle chortle

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    My homework days are over. I didn't have the convenience of the internet to just have strangers provide me with an answer. I had to do my own homework using my own brain. I think from now on we should answer homework questions with the wrong answers so they can copy them and then get a big fat F on their paper. Might teach them not to be so lazy and not to cheat.

    great answer, Colleen.
    Surley homework is what it says - exacly that. It should be done by the student. To research homework on-line is fine, but to be "given" the answers on a forum is not helping the student at all.
    Point taken, one question was OK but by the 3rd, 4th, and 5th it was extremely tiresome and apparent what was going on. I hate to blow people off, but in this case it was time.
    My home doesn't need any work done...chortle chortle
    I can not for the life of me work it out.

    Todays kids are to a large extent a "we know it all" bunch yet they come on here and ask a bunch of,to them,old scalies the answers to their homework.

    You have probably heard the saying "employ a teenager while they still know it all"
    What are you fixing maybe we can help....chortle

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