what does karma do?

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    All of you guys! This person is asking about Karma on this website, not real Karma! The answer is in the FAQ.



    Then there you go. You gave them the answer. Read the FAQs ; )

    Good on you for catching what the question actually was since boop did not make it clear. I'm impressed : )

    Karma is another way of saying 'What goes around, comes around'. Those who believe in reincarnation say even if you get away with a crime in one lifetime it will come back to haunt you in another lifetime. It's a buddist explanation for why bad things happen to good people; in a previous lifetime when they were bad people they got away with something they shouldn't have done at all, so it comes back to hurt them in a later life. Of course, if you don't believe in reincarnation you don't have to worry about karma, you just have to worry about facing God after your death.

    Karma is like your cosmic scorecard where your deeds good and bad are kept account of leading to punishment or reward in this life or the next depending on your beliefs.Living a selfish life at the expense of others would bring you bad karma which,,what goes around comes around is a simple way of thinking about karma.Of course it all depends on what you believe in.There is no justice or fairness in nature or the natural world.The rabbit that runs near to death escaping the fox gets run down by a car,theres no justice.Justice,fairness,karma are human concepts so outside religion n faith mythical.

    It gets back at you have been hurting another......

    Karma means WORK we are all working all the time even while asleep our brains are working away. We can't be conscious & not work and as every action has a positive & or negative reaction we stay in the repeated cycle of birth & death. However this repeated cycle can be stopped by engaging in loving devotional service unto the supreme personality of Godhead SHRI KRISHNA & get reunited with our eternal full of bliss & knowledge spiritual selves Check out BHAGAVAD GITA AS IT IS with transliterations & explanations from His Divine Grace A.C Bhaktividanta Swami Prabhupada!

    it can bring you great luck or bite you in the ass!

    whatever itg wants!!

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