knee replacement

    how long before you can start moning after a knee replacement

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    Hey Sarg,

    I started moaning the minute I woke up from the surgery. If you are asking when you can start moving - they get your butt up the same day you have surgery. They also put you on the knee torture machine that constantly moves your knee up and down and up and down for an hour at a time 2 off 1 on. They even let you take it home. Ice on, machine on, Ice off, machine on. UGH It has been 1 year exactly today that I had my knee replaced. It is still very painful, more so than before the surgery. At night it is pure torture especially if I stay in one position for an hour or so. I went through physical therapy for 8 weeks and did everything they told me to do.

    My Mom had hers done 2 weeks before I did and her has not hurt a day since the surgery. Everyone is different. I wish you well, really, I wish you well.


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