Is there anyone you've "Wronged" in your life and wish you could apologize to that person? Does it still bother you today? Yes or No would suffice.

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    Very good question.

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    Yes, to my mom and dad for being a trouble kid when I was a teenager. I grew up with 4 brothers and I was the only one who went a side way. I was the only one they had to punish for my wrong doings in hard ways. I need to tell them "I'm sorry." before it's too late. Thanks for reminding me, ed, sincerely.
    ed shank

    We all have your crosses to bare. Thanx for your input.
    Yup I was kind of A$$ when I was younger ,its a long list but I guess I should start with Dad.. Thanks for being there for me, and thanks for being tough.. Thanks for walking away when the deputy and I "had something to discus". I know sometimes you shook your head and I hope sometimes You were proud. RIP Dad.....
    ed shank

    Hope you had a chance to convey that to him before he passed.

    I don't think so ed.. he died in a squad on the way to the hospital, they got him going again, but he had been gone to long and was never right after that, I think it was to late to tell him my feelings but I tried.
    ed shank

    Sorry to hear that.
    I have made quite a few mistakes in my life like most people. Most if not all I have had the awareness to apologize to them. Some people are hurt by things and never tell you, in that case there isn't much we can do.

    I do think it's very important to apologize to people when they feel that you have done wrong to them. It's sometime a very difficult thing to do, and humility is a lesson that most of us don't enjoy. It does however, help you grow as a person.

    I only have one person I'd like to and will apologize to and that's my Mom. I'm not even sure what I did to piss her off, but I'm working on it.
    ed shank

    Humility is a hard swallow. P.S. Moms always forgive.
    In the past, I know I have, and I know well the feelings it's brought me over the years. But hopefully today, if I was on my deathbed, I think I could look most anyone in the eye and they not feel any resentment toward me. At least I would hope so. There's plenty of assholes out in the world as it is, without me consciously choosing to add myself to that group.
    ed shank

    I am not the same Pr**k I was then. My conscience today is clear.

    GO FIX IT....NOW! :O

    Tried without success.
    ed shank

    The days not over try again.
    I have in the past and I always tried to apologize and not leave it hanging for very long. I have tried to mend my ways over the years and just not hurt people. Better to keep the open trap shut.
    ed shank

    I have mended my ways. I try to be a better person today, then I was yesterday.
    If I wronged someone I would not now go back and open old wounds. I think it would be selfish for me to clear my concous at thier expience.
    ed shank

    A point well taken, however I have not been able to forget an incident that happened nearly 20 years ago.

    YEs but would you want to bring back the sorrowful memories for the victim??? I couldnt.. But on the other hand it may be something they need to here... I just couldnt.
    ed shank

    In my situation I think an apology would probably be accepted. Which now that I think of it might make me feel like even a bigger s**t.

    LOL I am sorry to laugh at your pain but you are just so darn cute.
    Roger Willcoe

    They may like a new pair of glasses?
    I haven't wronged anybody and if i would be because of a good reason.
    Yes, to a wonderful woman that I left almost literally at the alter. I was feeling inadequate and undeserving of her. I should have asked her!
    ed shank

    You also are truly blessed.
    ed shank

    You are truly blessed.
    Is anyone noticing a pattern within each gender here? Seems like the females mostly answer no and the men mostly answer yes? Just wondering if it just goes back to the men are always wrong thing? lol.

    Good point,I noticed that to.LOL

    It's funny.
    yes,my first wife..............who passed in 1961........what a ass i was for 13 of the 16 year marriage
    ed shank

    We all have regrets, The pain that we've caused especially to loved ones is a humbling experience.
    ed shank

    Honesty. Refreshing.
    Yes,my mom and yes i have apologized more times than i can count for the pain i caused her so many years ago,she never left my side when i needed her the most...Love my mom.
    No, the only one I'm hard on is myself.
    yes plenty have wronged me and all are forgiven weather they realize it or not..
    yes mistakes as a manchild
    empathetic or narcissistic.... empathetic would say "yes". narcissistic would say "if i'd wronged anyone i would apologize of course"...? lol... "yes, of course"

    (How do I miss all these good questions?)   YES.  There are a few people who come to mind. One is my youngest son, and we have talked at length about the issue.   He continues to hold a grudge, generally in the form of a hammer over my head, and brings it down on me whenever he backs himself into a corner.  He knows my regret and apology are sincere, but the wounds continue to fester 6 years later. 


    Yes.I wish i could apologise to my late Father for being a ****head at times..And,yes,i wasnt that great with my son when he was younger,at least with him ive made things right now.Were very very close now and im glad of that ,with hindsight i now realise my alcoholism could have driven him away.

    Yes or no

    I cheated my little brother once at MONOPOLY and I'm still apologizing for it though he doesn't remember it.............

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