How Do We Reduce The Number Of Badly Educated Students ??????

    I use public transportation nearly every day . The conversations over heard while on the bus are sad indeed. Its hard to imagine any of these people ever attended school at all. The conduct of middle school kids and their ability to curse like death row inmates is astounding. There is no motivation to do better and other than being poor no punisment for not doing well. There is no respect for any one or anything.I would guess that at any given time 30 percent of the passangers are either drunk or high .Is there any hope for our country ?????????? What will our lives be like in 5 years?????? Is leaving this country an option and where would you go ???????

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    For one, get rid of badly educated teachers!

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    Teachers have become baby sitters for the most part. They see most kids more than their parents. Parents are ultimately responsible for bad manners. Sorry to say many parents either lack parenting skills or just don't give a s***. I can relate to the question, I've heard the same type of language from young people in many public places. Seems they were raised by wolves not people.

    Get rid of the money pit public school system.



    Home schooling always worked best. Parents actually got to know their kids then and had time to teach them moral and social codes.


    Agree, for some. I doubt other parents are capable enough to teach. I am in favor of the old style, where one teacher taught several grades. The local church on the corner could donate the space, no religious training or school busses, and the teacher would teach each grade for two hours, and the rest of the day for homework with teaching assistants. Funded by the parents and businesses, since they will reap the benefits.

    take away all the stuff they "need" and make them work for it! they have no concept of value or respect!!
    and its the same in any "western" country. :-)

    maybe another way is by reducing the number of badly educated offence to any teachers out their. seems like they are under paid and over worked. so what incentive do they really have. granted their are some that genuinely care. but money seems to motivate people. so how about the students are we to pay them as well, maybe they need some sort of incentive as well. its hard to see the big picture when partying is all you got. maybe they need to drug/alcohol screen them at the door of the schools so the kids that really want to learn get a chance!



    The governmental sets the standards for both school curriculum and what degrees of education a person needs to achieve before they can be a teacher of any subject. I'm not sure what you qualify as "badly educated teachers" when the government sets the standards and they must pass all the tests to get their teaching certificates.

    They all think they need to talk that way to be cool. If they don't their teased or bullied. Shock collars might work.

    A good swift kick up the arse would do them good. Talking about a kick up the arse which we werent but are about too. A man was observed shop lifting ( no he wasnt LIFTING the shop) in Perth Western Australia. When he was approached he pulled a knife and ran out of the store. Standing outside were four Australian SAS diggers. When one of them went to stop the man the man slashed out with his knife giving the soldier a slight cut on the arm . The would be robber was taken to hospital with two broken arms, a broken leg, dislocated shoulder and various cuts and bruises. Appears he tripped over trying to run away . CLUMSY BASTARD.


    Don`t pick a digger and in particular not a SAS digger.


    They need access to a good education, with good educational tools.

    We could introduce retrospective abortion. If the kids turned out ratbags we would just abort them.

    ummmm, where do you live first of all?


    Albuquerque New Mexico Now the over dose capitol of the nation according to the morning news .

    Shoot them

    Teach them till the geraniums die... if they still don't
    Understand respect and responsibility, unfortunately people who
    do respect and are responsible will end up paying for them.
    By the way, a public school teacher has to get a bachelors degree (4 years)
    a teaching credential (2 years) then a Masters degree (2 years). Then you need
    a 2nd language and a Talented and Gifted credential and ongoing, never stopping
    Professional Development and to pass the government required tests.
    Most top out at 75 or 80 grand after 35 years of teaching.
    Charlie Sheen was getting a Million per episode, and he has a horrible potty mouth
    and is a drug addict, there in my friends lies the problems....

    i don't know why your so concerned there is nothing you can do to help the situation.worry about yourself not others


    Oh good one gemsy. Lets all look the other way, don`t do anything that may change attitudes. I sincerely hope you do not live in Australia.I am all right bugger you Jack attitude if ever I saw one. How young are you?


    You are a fine example of a good citizen . Shocking that you can go out and about with that silver spoon sticking out of your butt and not be mugged . Must be nice where you live . By the way are you and Paris Hilton buddies ???

    i would mind your own business,everyone is brought up differently,haven't you got anything else to worry about except for other peoples conversations,all the advice i could give you is drive



    Well said PL. Attitudes like gemzy's are a big part of the problem.


    Whom are your remarks directed to gemzy22? If it is bluesman the you cant have been on much public transport. You dont have to "listen in" as you put it the ones referred to are loud mouthed so no chance of not hearing. Dont tell me you are one of them?. I also think its the everyone is brought up differently that bluesman is concerned about, maybe we need more to be brought up to respect themselves and others and using foul language out loud on a train shows a total lack of respect for ones self and others travelling with them. If you cant view this with concern what hope for the future?


    Yes if I stuck my head in the sand all of this would be of no consideration. Problem is most days there is no where to retreat to . I mean no where to go . Wearing head phones only makes you vulnerable to attack . Yes I would drive if I could see . I am likely to have a medical incident behind the wheel so knowing better I quit driving to keep from killing some one with a car . I am doing the right thing and it costs me dearly . Thank you for your stellar attitude and your kindness. I will keep that in my mind when I have a choice to extend kindness or deny it. Thanks for making my choice a easy one . I would bet that you are a Republican ,I can smell it on your kind words . May you receive just as you have given .

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