Mr. Ed On being lazy and worthless!!!!!!!

    Tarred and feathered with perception. Iam an artist my medium is leather . 25 years of selling to every major wholesaler in the south west. My work is in the gallery windows in Santa Fe . In other words I am pretty good at what I do. I have clients in Europe and Japan some buyers will take my new work sight unseen based on my reputation. Now as to being lazy my day starts at 4:30 am most days us old guys need to pee early. Start cutting bags and assembly begins .Ill stop and eat something in a few hours. This goes on all day and sad as it is my day ends around midnight still working . Every day like this until I have a big enough pile to make a long trip worth doing. Cash all the work in and get cash and its time to spread it around cell phone bill food everyday stuff. Takes 500.00 to buy leather pay my driver 100.00 and his gas and a meal is another 75.00 so the first 700.00 dont count on most trips then I get some money. In my defense my profit and prinicple comes back in one stroke always !!!!!!!!! I dont own or drive a car.No insurance bills ,my expenses are reduced to food and phone plus material. I have not had a go to work get a paycheck job in 25 years. My time has been like a long Saturday for 25 years. Payday is every couple of days when business was good ,now I am lucky with once a month. I have done exactly as I pleased with my time for 25 years . With the high blood pressure and COPD drinking and smoking pot is not a option but I sure would if it was.Point here is I am not lazy and I dont pity myself ,there are realities this blood pressure thing is serious and the copd lets me slowly suffocate until I become one of the old guys I see on the bus dragging a tank .If I had aoption please know I would be using it .As nice to know stuff I also worked for years as a gunsmith and last I looked my pilots lic still said commercial flight instructor multi engine instrument rated. So sir Iam not lazy nor stupid. Just a big man whos a little old, tired, seriously sick man with a good heart and sharp tongue.Not looking for a hand out or a free ride unless it makes a republican foam at the mouth then bring it on .Now thats all I have to say on that matter and I am back to making my bags got at least 7 more hours left in this day.Iam going to give you a break sir and simply walk away from your answer .You have no idea of which you speak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hey do not know who called you lazy and worthless but sounds like you work hard to me and I would think you make some very nice products .......

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