Have you seen a UFO ? What did it look like ? Serious answers only

    so don't say it looked like your mother in law.

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    I too, always thought that most of them were experimental aircraft made by some branch of our gov or military. It's just a little too coincidental that the most and the best of the sightings were near a U.S. Airforce base.
    never in my life,, seriously
    I have a similar question, if you get the chance look it up on my questions list there are some interesting answers on it. Yes, I have, but they are long stories and you can view them on the question I've mentioned if you'd like. Good question, thumbs up.

    how would I find your questions list ?

    Go to my profile, on the left side you will see a list of questions, answers, etc.. Click on to questions and they will show up on your page, if you go down to the bottom you will see page numbers. You will have to look down the lists of questions to find the ufo question. It may be on the last page, I'm not sure.

    I will try to find it to pull it up for you give me a few minutes. But you can look as well if you'd like.
    I have seen numerous UFOs over the years. The first one was huge and bright. I looked as large as the moon. But it wasn't the moon and it kept changing its shape. When we first saw it, it was low, just above some trees. We watched it for at least half an hour. Finally, when we arrived home, I ran inside to get my friend to come out to see it. Unfortunately, when she came outside, it had disappeared. My husband saw it leave. The last UFO, we managed to get a photo. It came out as a white blob. It flew over our house, but by the time I grabbed the camera it was far away.
    I couldn't identify them so I guess I have. But I live where they test new aircrafts. Maybe that explains it.

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