robertgrist Standing Ovation on your answer!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now on the black and white part: Right is right and wrong is just wrong thats black and white is it not??? To honor your word keep a promise and above all else to be reliable and faithful. Anything less than that is wrong .Is that black and white as well? Is it wrong to hold these black and white beliefs? If it is and those are one mans personal standards and beliefs is that a egoist??? Is looking out for ones self in matters of money egoist behavior or part of business? Being unkind is wrong ,but are there times when it is not in response to rude treatment??? What is an enlightened egoist???? Does capitalisim foster egoist behavior???

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    This one makes my head hurt I dunno I just think one should always strive to do what is right.

    I read once that it was easier for a camel to go threw the eye of a needle than it would be for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven,For men it impossible,but for God all thing are possible.To ans your question it not always Black & White.

    What? Bluesman 1951…Take a few deep breaths and see if you can provide an answerable question.


    Bluesman 1951, are you drunk and/or stoned on pot? You posted answers seem rather toasted.

    This is from 3 months ago. He may not even remember what it's about.

    Thank you Colleen

    If complex thought is beyond you I suggest you try the less complicated questions. Seems to me there were at least 5 questions each worthy of a comment . If I recall you wrote something worthy . I gave you a standing O on your answer. You should have taken this answer of mine as a compliment!!!!!!! I just poised several alternatives to you. I will refrain from complimenting you again as that seems to go right over your head.

    Mr Grist,I am neither drunk or stoned.If I could afford either I would be taking part in both . I belive that honor and integerity are the highest qualitys a person can have. If you cant trust your pardner then they are worthless and you should be walking away ,never looking back . Life is short and there is no need to be wasting time and energy on those who cant be trusted .I am sorry sir ,but this is my standard and there is no grey here . You are trust worthy or not !!!!!!!!!!!!

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