Does anyone remember the television series, "The Twilight Zone?" Does anyone have an episode that stuck in their mind after all these years?

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    Rod Sterlling died too young. The Zone was great. I even used to subscribe to the mag until it went out of business. (it had script for some of the shows...My favorite one was when the woman could stop time and it ends with "the bomb" about to hit and she stopped it along with the rest of the world...

    Yes i remember them,it was only last year that i bought the whole DVD collection, 28 DVDs in the pack.One of my favourites is where the man is wondering around a town with no one in it,this must have been one of the earlier ones cause it is in black and white.Good ol Rod Sterling .


    Every now and then they'll have a marathon of them, and I'll sit down and watch a few. They all had an amazing style in how the story was delivered.

    Rod Serling was a really good writer and had some great stories. Your memory is of an Air Force pilot who walked down an empty street and into an empty theater and no one was there. Footnote: This was episode NUMBER 1 of the series. I remember it well.

    Yes... thats the one,he also went into cafes, bank, police station.I always loved the outcome,it kept you guessing.
    Yes loved them! The one that always sticks in my mind is the one with the Gremlin on the wing of the airplane looking though the window.

    And do you remember the famous person who looked out the window to see the gremlin? The star of "Star Trek", Capt. Kirk.

    Yes well remembered. I always have a laugh with my wife when we are on a night flight, and tell her to keep her eyes open for any Gremlins on the wing - lol.

    It's funny, but I remember some of them from when I was just a kid. Like the one where this space ship landed at an old farmhouse with the old lady. She's all scared and everything...and in the end you realize the little space ship was from the United States.

    Yep, it was another planet and the female star was the witch's mother in "bewitched".

    I don't think it wasn't William Shatner. It was John Lithgow.
    Headless Man

    Yes, I had forgot that

    I am still too terrified to remember any one specific program.  My sister and I used to watch them while sitting behind pillows so I have never seen an entire episode. 


    *** these asterisks, in the future, will indicate that you are being pestered :

    Wimp fish !

    Tickle tickle ha ha. That's funny. They scared me a little to.

    I remember one show that One really stands out Two with Charles Bronson and Elisabeth Montgomery  they are the only survivors of a nuclear war from opposite sides in the conflict


    I remember that one. He was in some uniform and she had on a knee-length blue colored dress. (Considering it was shot in black and white, at least I think it was a blue colored dress.)

    late one night I watched the show two I really liked I saw it was on a DVD volume showing 4 show's two was on it so I bought it
    the monster tearing up the airplane was my favorite

    I remember that one too!
    Yes I do and there are too many to "stick in my mind".

    Yes, an old black and white episode  set in NY city in which the sun was moving closer and closer to the earth and everything was getting hotter and hotter and hotter...................................wait a minute,  deja vue??   I hope not....................

    Streuth, that's a long time ago. I was only a kid then.




    That's one I don't recall.

    Great episode. The Aliens come here and keep telling Earthlings they only want to SERVE MAN......AS A MEAL. They want HUMANS FOR FOOD.





    Crikey, that's old, it's black and white.

    I really freaked about the one with Agnes Moorehead -about the space capusule  It reallyseemed as if it could happen! As did all Rod Sterlings stories

         I always watch the "Twilight Zone" marathon every time it comes on the SYFY channel. My favorite episode is, "The Howling Man".It is about a man seeking refuge from a storm comes across some monks who have imprisoned a man, claiming he is the devil. 

    I loved it, still see it on reruns sometimes.

    I think I'm in the Twilight Zone now, cant recall any names.

    i have watched some of that marathon.  seems like that show is always facinating.

    i loved the twilight zone and still do.  i remember that one where the days got hotter.  that show was facinating.  i like the one where the kids swam down underneath the swimming pool to get away for a sad homelife. 

    Everytime I pass through a little country town I think of the ep. That the little boy was "disappearing" ppl.

    Was there an episode with a monster on the wing of an aeroplane pulling off it's engine whilst the passenger watched?

    " The episode with (Burgess Meredith) / Time Enough At Last."

    the one with dan aykroyd and another guy on a road trip singing along to midnight special by creedence clearwater revival, the cassette gets chewed up and they start talking about a tv show called the twilight zone.

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