What is a egoist ???/

    In regards to philosophy what is an egoist? Is an enlightened egoist possible ? what is a utilitarian person? Is whats good for the greatest number the greatest good? Is logic better than emotion? Could you argue artistically for the right to die? Or for the right to live??

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    You have seven worthy questions there. Could someone spread this out a bit please.

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    Don't talk about the DONALD like that AAAAHHHHHHH LOL

    A self-centered person who thinks of him or herself first and always.

    An egoist is an animal whose single purpose in life is benefit themselves. If you have dealings with an egoist you will notice that the relationship is about their benefit, what they want and they are miffed if they have to share anything with you. Complements and gratitude are a cheap price for their benefit. Nothing close to equal treatment is considered fair by the egoist. Their single goal is to win and everything is about their game, if it isn't benefiting them and it's taking your time when you could be feeding their ego then "it's wrong for you to be involved in that". Dominance and control is the egoist potatoes and gravy. An egoist considers rape and sex to be the same thing. Both having the same selfish goal. Egoist can be apparently smart but you may have noticed there is nothing original in what they have to say. They parrot phrases and quote lines they may have heard in a movie. They live in a black and white world that is not distracted by color. I could go on...But I think you may know something too. I would like to read it here.

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