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    In politics what is going on is the distraction !!!!!!!!!! Like a magician its the art of misdirection > Never look at what you are being directed to see. There is always something really bad in the other hand .We have earned the contempt of the world and they hate us and wish us harm because of our Government. So we are being screwed twice from two directions outside and inside as well now thats fornication on a tantric level.We are only delaying being devoured by the world they will call in our debt and foreclose and china will run our lives and own our country.How much money has our Government spent preparing a place for them to go when life gets really bad ie war civil unrest they have their butts covered and aret worried . We on the other hand payed for their comfortable hideout. Do you think you might be welcome there ? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What will it take to wake up the people??

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