Tax Dollars Well Spent LOL

    Each day we launch million dollar bombs from billion dollar aircraft at mud huts!!!!!!! That is a good use of tax money. While children go hungry and our borders are wide open !!!!!! We are idiots and fools being led by the corrupt people in washington off a cliff.Why do we put up with this crap .You choose where you spend each dollar you have . If you dont agree with the policies and tactics of a business then simply vote with your wallet and dont spend there. Do you think for a moment that walmart has your best intrest at heart LOL not for a minute!!!!!! They are intrested in the bottom line!!! Point is all that is necessary for change is to say NO to the things you dont like!!!!!! Stop buying gas at obscene prices !!!!!! Vote and idiot out!!!!!! Do something !!!!!!!

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    Most taxpayers don't have a choice. Taxes R taken out of their paychecks automatically. Not only do U pay withholding taxes but FICA (read ponzi scheme). Then our government borrows billions from foreign countries (China, Japan)so they can spend, spend, spend! I agree there is so much waste&fraud. 4 instance I was reading an article and it said that 100 billion per year was lost to corruption&fraud in Medicare alone. Can U imagine what is lost in the D.O.D's budget? I think if the Pope was elected to office he would be a crook after 6 months!

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    I wish all americans would see this, this country is going down the hill, we have to do something!!!!

    So true, people who are complaining about the government cuts are out of touch with reality, sorry if you are included in that group, nothing personal. It's just we are not only broke as a government, we are SO, SO, FAR BEYOND BROKE, THAT WE MAY NEVER RECOVER. If people don't start putting pressure on their congressmen or women, to make drastic cuts, there won't be a government left to complain about.

    We can't keep on this same spending track, times are changing and the dollar isn't what it used to be. Gas is out of control and it effects the price of most everything else. Please do your research people, there has to be changes and they have to happen soon, before it too late.

    Easier said than done! However, I agree with all you say...this country is getting ridiculous...we should be taking care of our own first of all...let the rest fall naturally!

    I dont believe it is a republican or democratic problem. all of them need to quit acting like kindergardeners and acting like adults. if that is possible.

    people need to vote for the good of the country instead of whats good for themselves

    We had a balanced budget in the Clinton Adminstration then 2 terms of Bush and the Republicians and look what a mess we got ourselves in now. Was it not the Republician party that was in power back when the Great depression started I believe the Hoover Adminstration history doesn't lie

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