To Vinny About being 60

    The truth sir. I worked every day making the best stuff there was on the market. Had no bad habits including drugs,liquor,women or gambling,and still my life was destroyed by this economy.You think I am a fool pehaps I am maybe not. I enjoy having people underestimate me if you think I do drugs then for you Ill just roll another one . The purpose of this was to throw some raw meat into the mix to see what would happen. It appears that gas can go to 5.00 dollars a gallon and we will do nothing. We watch our jobs go off shore and do nothing. We still line up and shop walmart. The whole point sir is just how far can the powers that be can take this garbage before we say enough.Seems to me you are part of the mild mannered melvin milk toast crowd as well. So if you will excuse me Ill be on my way to see if the goverment has another free program for me today.

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    Bluesman, are you not going to respond to this?? You started it.. LOL

    BTW: What the hell is: 'mild mannered melvin milk toast crowd' That I am s'posed to be associated with???

    Hey Bluesman, (I like the name, I play a lot of blues) I understand where you are coming from, I too like everyone else is fed up with high gas prices and the economy the way it is, I am not happy with the way our government is being run (assuming you are USA) However, you can bitch all you want and nobody will hear you but yourself and no gain can be attained by any course of bitching about where things went wrong. we all pretty much agree that we need a fix and not the drug fix you speak of. I made my comment in your 'rant' thread because i really thought you needed a poke in the nose to straighten up and fly right. Personally, I wonder why i take the time to try and help a total stranger that doesn't seem to want to help himself but would rather brag about how he is going to squander my tax money for his own benefits. You may not like what I say, you may want to come over here and punch me out, this is your call but you really need to forget blaming those around you and spend this energy on repairing your own life.. BTW: I'm older than you so listen to your elders.. :)

    I have to agree with you we are just standing by and letting it happen although if I can come up with anything that I can do about any of it I promise you I will do what I can but I too am in a bad situation I work long and hard and have since I was 16 and now I am 58 and I do not consider myself unintelligent but I am at a loss with today's economy and situations of all.....

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