how can i catch more bass

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    You have to spend more hours fishing.
    Make the local fish hatchery your new favorite fishing spot.

    When they come and ask you, "What do you think you are doing?" Just tell them some guy on the internet said it was a pretty good place to catch more bass. They're kind of tiny though. But, the good thing about them being so small, is that you can pack more of them away before they haul you off!
    Use fluorocarbon fishing line, wash your hands to keep odors off lines and baits. I use artificial lures and find bait control essential to catching lots of fish. The boat also must be clean and not emit noise or reflect light. Familiarity with the places where fish congregate helps or use a quality sonic locator. Water temperature to depth tells you how deep to fish and if you fish often you can chum the area to encourage fish to remain in the area although it is illegal in some states. Wear dark clothing that matches the environment. Don’t play music or listen to a radio while fishing. Stay low in a boat to avoid being seen by fish. Scents for lures are popular.

    Also…change your fishing location often, cast into a nice looking area 5 or 6 times then move. Fishing is not a waiting game for me, I actively hunt bass.
    Turn up the dial youll get alot more bass then.

    Exactly - or get a bigger subwoofer.
    stick of dynomite..kaboom

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