Which Would You Say Is/Are Your Best Traits?

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    Great question my friend.

    Thanks, My Friend!

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    I value my family. I am reliable and faithful, very affectionate, and cheerful. I love trying new things.
    Respectful and caring.
    Compassionate and reliable. I've always had jobs where I could help people and you have to be both to do that sort of job well.
    I’m a lover. I love and that is how I relate to life. I tried all of the other traits like angry, uppity, big-shot and too many other traits I saw in others and none of them fit me like the love I am. So I’m just a lover of everyone and everything .

    I was saddened that you hate Lurex Glitter Tights…it is the magic fairy prince in me that Loves to treat everyone we meet to the touch of spirit springtime in dance and song…Opps…I think I’m crossing the crass line…dear me what’s a good ole boy to do.

    I couldn’t help myself you are so opinionated that I couldn’t Stop! And by the way…I am not gay, married once 40 years ago, divorced and living together as single people. It is my will that God’s will be done and I do not think God is immoral. Where did you get these twisted notions? I am pro-glbt rights but then too I love all races and peoples without a thought or fear of sexual union with the world. Maybe I left myself open to you…I’ll be more careful with the L word when I’m naked before the entire universe.
    the ability to sniff out compassion in others, everyons got somthing good in them, it's just a matter of finding it!
    Honesty and being helpful to others.
    I am a good friend,caring,kind and gentle,with a terrific sense of humour.
    I don't drink. I don't smoke. I don't swear. Goddam, I left my cigarretes at the bar last night !

    oops! LOL
    harry crumb

    I got a slap for using "that" word

    very good catsmom a TU for that
    honest dependable good sense of humor
    I never go back on a promise, good or bad. I can be your worst nightmare, or a heaven sent.

    Scary....Better behave.. ;-)

    good comment Ed
    I would haft to say I'm good at fixing thing which is a whole lot of nothing.well you know to be affectionate is not my bag,and I don't know why,I just can bring myself there,it make feel weak somehow? Trustworthy I can handle or being faithful,but I'm not perfect so I fail there to.that my story and I'm sticking to it.
    I'm a good listener, loyal, dependable, gee I'm blushing :)

    "I'm blushing"...cute! xo
    I would have to say that I truly care and have compassion for others, most of my close friends would say that I'm a good listener and I am reliable. I don't like to toot my own horn though, I like my actions to speak for themselves. I have to give God the credit for making me the way He did.
    The only thing that matters to me is that i teach my children compassion and respect for others.. I try to lead by example. I hope I am doing a good job... The world can be more cruel than it has to be if you dont accept ppl where they are and for what they are.
    I don't know mine. Maybe cheerful would suit. I am Australian after all.
    I'd better ask my family and friends. What do you my friends here think of me? Be nice!
    ed shank




    Conceit is a fault. I have no faults.
    Last year, I was conceited, but this year, I'm perfect ! :-D
    Ms Sinclair

    Ha Ha. Modest too, I see.
    I'm loyal, a good listener, reasonably intelligent, and I care about the state of this planet.
    Being understanding of people.
    I will never let a friend down. If I am told something private I would never tell another person about it. I am loyal, and sounds as if I have a big
    My ability to love unconditionally,being a good listener,and my ability to speak my mind without holding back(Telling it like it is).Never fake!I try desperately to be honest.
    Golly what a question! I try to be sympathetic and most importantly empathectic with people. I care about our world, someone told me once we live in a terrible world. I said bullshit (I have been known to swear) the world is perfect, it is just the idiot humans that are terrible.
    I love all animals and the more I see of people the more I love dogs.

    I try too help where I can but I guess sometimes I fail, my kids love me so that is a good starting point.

    The "Cons" I have a short fuse when it comes to idiots who run off at the mouth and don`t wait to consider what they say. I do NOT abide fools. I believe everyone has equal rights as me but they have to get off their arses (told you I sometimes swear)and do what I and a lot of under educated people have done , make a bloody success of their lives and not feel it is incumbent on the government to feed and house them.
    I don`t give a toss whether you are black white or brindle you are the only one who can makes a success of your life.
    i just wish people would treat people the way they would like to be treated. If this happend all over the world.......what a wonderful place this could be. just can't decide...theres too many :O

    Sincerety, honesty, loyalty, integeraty,

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