Is it possible for a place to be cursed???/

    Albuquerque,home of every evil invention brought to man kind. History of death and pain from the dawn of time. So many souls have departed from here curseing the land they stood on as their blood flowed into the ground beneath their feet.The acoma indians jumped to their deaths to flee the spanish. I belive this is a cursed place full of evil and dark spirts seeking revenge for the way their lives ended . I am trapped here and cant seem to get out.I have known nothing but lies and betrayal every moment spent here .Most discusting place I have ever been. 14 murders on the west mesa It takes 40 minutes to read the death and distruction news in the morning. 6th most dangerous place in the nation for a pedestrian. If you are stuck by a car here the driver will run from the scene 8 times out of 10. Vial discusting dung heap !!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing works!!!!!!! The bus system is a disgrace!!!!!!! What of the millions stolen from court house construction.Crack cocaine and corn flakes are a Albuquerque breakfast. Seems to be alright to marry your cousin here . All the women seem to have 3 or 4 baby daddies. This place is a disgrace !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hey watch it I have cousins who live there!!! If it sucks that bad get the heck out and never look back sell all that you own to get gas money and go. I know what it like to live in a place you hate and feel stuck S. FL was like that for me, I did what I suggested you do. I loved CA, even though I am no longer there, JUST SELL IT ALL AND GO, WHAT'S KEEPING YOU THERE?

    no ! ur alll idiots and dumb !! - candy apple

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