Hey, if you were busting to go to the loo, would you use either one?

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    Yes, I would. Who in their right mind wants to piss in his pants?
    i have no problem useing the door ,you know the one with a guy with a dress on

    I am one of the few that could totally get away with it - remember no hair! I have accidentally walked into the men's room a few times and no one person noticed.

    My Dad brought me up to be a woodsman like him, so pulling up a nice bush is not beyond the realm of possibility either.

    Or the nappy changing room...rather than queue!!
    I've gone behind bushes. I mostly use the toilets in McDonalds. They are clean.

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm. do you eat their food, as well?

    No. I walk in and walk out.

    I don't eat the food either. If I am lost it seems to be where I end up... ask for directions and away I go!

    Yes Mc Donalds is cool...cos no one ?`s you...just in case you maybe a customer!!;-)..and they ARE clean!!:-)
    Yep!! Been there,done that!
    when you get an enlarged prostate you tend not to be too fussy.Mens,womens,behind a tree,behind a fence,in front of a fence if I'm running out of time.Makes no diff.When you just gotta go!

    YOU are great.
    I think I would rather use a friendly bush than go into a man restroom.. Not because there are men in there, but because they are more often than not unclean.

    Me too!
    Yep.....when you gotta go,you gotta go.

    Yes when you have to go you have to go.but I would use( and often do) the disable toilet first, before using the ladies.

    I didn't think any woman would "stand" for this!

    I guess when you have to go, you have to go.
    No matter where you are. LMAO

    Done a charity walk for a local Hospice in August & i was interupted in full flow in the Gents by 5 ladies all dressed in pink tutu's needing the loo lol - the queue for the ladies was around 25 yards long.  

    I,ve only got one, some odd people here.

    I have no problem using the guy's restroom, except when it is occupied and I have to wait for that one as well.  Never have used the urinal.....don't think that's gonna happen.   Outside is an option as long as there's some cover.   I'm really careful, time I "squatted" in some poison oak....turns out I am allergic to it.  


    lol Bob...Can ANYONE truly say they`ve never taken the Al Fresco option???;-?
    If I gotta pee I’m going somewhere and it the toilets are over run with people, that’s managements problem and I make sure they know its their problem in very crude ways.
    Girls, you might be interested in a device called the 'Shewee' which allows a woman to urinate while standing. Google for details

    Had one of those when I used to go hunting. Hated using it though.

    Guys have to get used to peeing standing and it doesn't bother us much.
    Strange, 6dogs I had always assumed you were a bloke.

    One day while driving my son to home, he really had to pee and I couldn't think of where to pull over and told him so. He responded, "Look mom, there's a tree!"


    Happy to hear James stood up to the plate! Hopefully the nuttiness will cease. :)

    When it comes to a tree, guys are very lucky.

    After spending 35 years going to conferences where the ratio is 20 females to 1 man.

     At break time We would use the men's as well as the ladies. We always posted a guard to keep men out. When you have to go...........

    Yes..the signs on the doors can be confusing!!....Who says that women don`t wear trousers...and men wear kilts!!!...No names mentioned!!!:-)LOL!!..Anyway..I.S`NT necessity `s the Mother of invention???!!!!


    millie111 you did spring to mind:-))...But was mentioning no names!!!:-)...(Tact n Diplomacy..Well sometimes)!!;-0

    Oooh : }

    Behind a tree aint a problem,but if ya gotta squat,and ya got no paper,grab a leaf and make sure it aint a stinging neetle..>>>>>>><<<<<<..

    the best place i could a hotel or on the run the toilet rolls a free so my bird keeps saying do you belive that i Dont but cant say that to her its so embarrass as my friends do be in the car with me i am thinking of leaving her at home do you think that be fair?????????????please help

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