Do You Resent Junk Email????????

    I dislike having to clean the junk mail from my computer each day. Blocking and sweeping is of no use these spamers are back each day with new address. One in particular is Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy they are on all the scam web sites as being a fraud ,nothing seems to stop them . Look at ebolamonkeyman on google. He is trying to stop 419 scammers

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    I hate junk mail too. I think the best way to avoid junk mail is to not leave your address all around the internet. Google is good, I never get any junk mail.
    Yes I do on puter as well as at the Post Office wish there was a DO NOT JUNK MAIL ME LIST like the DO NOT CALL list for telemarkerters would be great if they would set up something like that talk about wasted money......
    Thanks for your time and effort with my question .I think the world is getting more unpleasant with each passing day . This junk mail is out of hand on many levels . My computer guy told me the other day that getting rid of a persistent spammer is impossible unless you put your computer in the dumpster and walk away . Seems to be no hope ,wish I could send them something that would destroy their computer when they opened it. Looks like we are just victims. Thanks again Darci

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