Idiots Morons And Nitwits Walk Among Us

    Coward Moron inbred Neanderthal you walk among us. So what!!!!!!! You follow Buckley big deal !!!!! Never read a word of his stuff!!!!!!!! Dont care!!!!!!! If you are a example of those who follow him good riddance.So Mr. Seymour Butts and your whole following at the Our Lady Of Perpetual Flatulence Holy Church kindly save your spam mails for Jerry Springer. He has a soft spot for those with single digit IQs.Walking ????? Its my belief that you slither thru this life on your belly.

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    He is talking about people that voted for obama. What else could it be.


    Chuckles ;)

    AMEN could not have said it better......

    Look in the mirror and then ask yourself who is. You who don't even know what these words mean psycologically, clinically. And what is anyones authority to judge anyone, unless they themselves are perfect; then they wouldn't judge in the first place. Low self esteem generally generates such thinking. Obviously you need allot of work.

    whats all that about?

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