Freedom of Speech and not freedom of TONE

    Just how loudly can you make you point when voicing a complaint. Those who receive a butt chewin call it threating. Even though no violence has been promised or delivered.Do we really have freedom of speech?? Censored on the net when no profanity is used . Saw something interesting the other day humerus to some word was Redneckastan now those who play with words can certainly find other ways to use the word. Point is we are dealing with idiots and morons daily and it appears now we have to be nice and quiet as well when complaining . The nit wits get there feelings hurt . We can fix Fat ,and many other things ,just no cure for STUPID !!!!!!!!!!

    *Edited title. Added an F in place of the J where it read Jreedom.

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    Let freedom of stupidity ring and ring.....

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