tattoos ! who's got one and what do they mean to you?

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    i know as a kid we used to go down to providence r.i. cause they wern't leagle in mass. useally were all drinking , but to this day still never got one..

    I have one on my upper left arm,a heart with the word "MOM' in the center,I've had it for 42 years now and I still love it as I do my mom.


    Plus when I want the wow factor I stand on my head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have tattoos and they all mean something.  I like them and I just don't care what other people think.  I can cover them all and they are my business.

    The ones around my ankles will make it very easy for my children to identify the body after I pass away.  They won't have to look at my face if they don't want to.  They can just see the ants and say, "Yes, that is my Mom." ... less trauma.

    country bumpkin

    You should get a tattoo of a fish too.

    That is a great idea CB.
    i think they are disgusting. think what that "love bubba" tattoo is going to look like on you when you are old and wrinkled up. or you sitting in church when you get 60 and across your fingers it spells f..k you

    ed shank

    F**k you, That's really funny.

    Yes i have tattoos,strategically placed,and beautifully done.My last one was done in 2007,i was facing a big operation and i had the words {In Gods Hands} tattooed on my inner forearm in fancy lettering.I am not regretful.


    Me either. I love my tattoos.

    I've acquired over 400 stitches and two bullet holes through the years. Not too many places left unscathed to put a tat.  The only tat I ever really considered was putting a "bar code" on my shoulder blade.


    How did you acquire your wounds Ed?

    YOSMITE SAM  (1975) Newport RI. US NAVY

    Anytime you want to be TOUGH I'll lend it to you.




    I've got three, all product of my youth. I discourage anyone from getting one because someday youo'll wish you hadn't.... But, I like two of my tats, close and personal.......


    Two tribal lightening bolts on my pelvic area... Anyone can see them if I wear the right swimsuit....

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