Cheating and Betrayal Why????????

    Weak people with no morals or charcter do these things to their pardners.The pain caused by these acts never really heals,so in the end even future pardners are hurt for what???? Cheaters continue their actions because they are worthless human beings . Trust me once you are the victiam of a cheater you are never the same. Not only do you lose respect for the woman who cheated on you respect for the whole gender is gone as well.I tried on line dateing any body want to guess how many women sent a full frontal nude picture to say hello .I like naked pictures but at least can we go to dinner once before you show your birthday suit .Maybe the Arabs have it right mam or woman just stone the cheaters and let God deal with them.There is no grey for me here a CHEATER is the lowest life form there is. Scum growing on the outhouse floor is better than a CHEATER. There is no punishment severe enough for people who cheat and thats my final word on this !!!!!!!!~!

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    I am sad that you have taken this experience and made it every woman's weakness. What's the point of being such a victim in this. I was cheated on and after the pain of being so deeply rejected and hurt passed, I realized I was thankful he did that so I didn't have to spend any more time with someone who was not my equal.I have online dated and had many penis pictures sent to me as well. Again I thought it was good to know upfront that the man was not very secure within himself or his personality was what he would have wanted to shine...not his parts. There are tons of really great men and women out there. You have to look for the lessons learned from negative experiences rather than being a victim and thinking every woman out there has to pay for what your ex did.I married a man that held on tight to his past and unfortunately made it his future by punishing me with his lack of trust. The hurt will pass when you unattach it from the very core of your soul. I wonder if you let this attitude go, these experiences won't continue to manifest in your life. Thoughts become things, it is the law of attraction my dear man!Attract the good ones...we are out there believe it or not!

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