Do I really love this girl?

    There is this girl in my school who I really like. She's pretty, fun and sexy... she laughs at my jokes and sometimes flirts with me :) I really like her and we have been friends for a bit and i was wondering whether to take the plunge and ask her out :S

    However, the catch 22 is that there are a lot of bad stories going around about her that she is no good. Stories from reliable sources aswell of her sleeping around and not being a very good friend in all :(

    I guess my predicament is whether or not I belive these stories... and if I do, if the stories really matter when it comes to just me and her...

    I was wondering what the awesome users at akaQA thinkin regards to my situation; because if I commit to liking/loving this girl I want to be whole hearted in my approach...

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    I cant see the harm in asking her out,being alone in her company will give you some idea of what her charactor is all about.She may not have this dark side to her that people are saying.You be your own judge, and who knows you and her just might hit it off.
    You've got to find out yourself. Ask her out and see what brings next. You are the one who likes her. She may or may not be the one you think she is.
    I reckon you should go for it! Don't listen to rumours .... it maybe sour grapes because she is a good looking girl and is popular and makes friends easy. Go with your own gut feelings. Good luck!
    I agree with what my friends above have said, and would say that you should ask her out and form your own respectful opinion.
    Ask her out. What's the worst case senario...that you'll be turned down ? That's happened to all of us. And asking her out is NOT like asking her to marry you.
    you'll never know unless you try, rumors go both ways. do you want to speend the rest of your wondering ?
    If you start going out, and she is ''easy '', USE A CONDOM !!
    The way I see this trial is you to take the first step,and go from there,you should know that love is not just a word,it come with being patience and trust,if she is sheathing just give her time
    and the true will come out.
    I guess, where there is smoke, there is fire.

    Dont think a person should believe every thing they hear.
    what eggplant said
    Don't listen to rumors! People who are jealous start rumors to make themselves feel better. Take her out and see for yourself.

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