What is my password?

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    Go to the place that requires the password .Surely you rember your user name ,enter that and click on the lost password option follow the prompts enter email address  do the capcha thing  it should tell you to check your email maybe look in the junk folder as well and the old password will be there OR it will give you a link to reset your password then you have a new one . One more choice go to edit click on preferences then find scurity at the top of next screen when it opens you have access to all passwords and places you signed in to . This only works if you chose the save my password option after entering your profile when joining a new site . Hope this helps   Bill

    I have no idea and there is no way I can find out. Sorry, you're on your own.


    You are correct but with some guidance they can find out for them selves . See my answer and tell me what you think .Lost my password a bunch of times so my answer comes from painful experience .This has worked for me with my O/S so thats all I can say here .Other than Good Luck ,Bon Chance !!!!!!!

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