Where the Hell is "low cost" housing and why can't more of it be offered to the need of the public?

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    It depends on the state you live in. It is for low income families, the elderly and people with disabilities.
    To Qualify: Annual Gross income
    Wether you qualify as elderly or disabled
    US Citizenship or eligible immigration Status
    Background Check.
    the rent is too damn high!
    To qualify you have to be dirt poor, and by this administration your not poor enough.
    easier to live in a tent by a river, that get public housing..
    a lot of these places use your income. it doesnt matter whats going out. i also know that if you live in a low income place, you pay your own phone and cable. they have tenants help pay the electric bill in the summer months if they have ac. which actually is fair. they (tenants) also have to help in the upkeep of the building and grounds.some plces re nice. they also let the "riff raff" move in which causes problems
    The problem appears to be world wide.
    The government builds a housing settlement and put all the lower socio economic people together this leads to the settlements being "Slums of the future"

    You can`t lift peoples standards by having all the same groups together.

    Another problem is everybody today wants en-suites, media rooms, TV room and goodness knows what else.

    My idea of economy housing is 3 bed rooms a lounge a eat in kitchen one toilet and one bath room. Cost a third of what is built now and completed in 8-10 weeks. Oh and a laundry.
    The only low-income housing I know of is veterans and section 8 housing which have huge waiting lists to be chosen. Not every rental accepts these programs also. This nation needs affordable housing for a large percentage of the population and it needs to available to those that qualify.
    I helped develope a low income housing project here in Big Bear Lake ca.,Its a rip off for the working class, it cost the government 360 bucks a square foot, it has a swimming pool, maintanace, ( I guess the poor cant pick up after themselves), Every thing it top quality, I wish I could afford that. I would not have a problem if they had normal appartment for the low income but this is terrible abuse of our tax money. For the most part poor people have poor ways.
    ed shank

    I've witnessed the same thing in my area. Neighborhoods were bulldozed and replaced with brand new housing etc; Five years later, they are ready again for the bulldozer. Is it lack of pride, or just plain lazy? I don't know.

    Theres plenty, the refugees have fist choice.

    Ya I am not against helping anyone but they have to be able to want to help them selves first

    In kansas City it did exist, until the scumbags that lived here stole the copper out of the walls, hand railings, and other things for a buck. They deserve to live on the streets as far as im concerned. . They complain its not enough.  The housing project was only six months old. They end up getting arrested , in jail, out of society. Thats good for america, takes another obama voter out of circulation. When locked up that person cant reproduce, be less welfare,  crimes,  drug use,  violent crime, less people voting for democrats. Sorry people, but that is the truth, whole truth, nothing but the truth. These people aren't unintelligent , they will vote for the person that satisfies their lifestyle.

    Some of these answers make me feel like I've been smacked in the gut. 


    There but for fortune go you or I, kids

    So your answer is to vote me down , because it was the truth. It should make you sick. Wasted tax dollars to the poor , they dont appreciate whats being done for them.

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