Why do they (the authorities) withdraw inmates off of methadone in local jails so they become junkies AGAIN when they are released?

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    Can't they go straight to a Methadone clinic from jail ?
    Once they get on the methodone program they can stay on it for as long as it takes.The prison system doesnt deny an inmate treatment and once they are released they can obtain their methodone from out patient clinics.They are carefully monitored whilst on the program .
    They ween you off depending on your "Jones". It's not a forever thing in jail. Junkies can die if denied the fix, Methadone is to get you down gradually.
    it seems to me once your in jail you lose all rights that would include methadone.once released your now a victim of society, if you choose to do junk or methadone, its your loss, hope fully depending on your "stay' you wont need either one!!

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