what do I get for answering questions

    what do people receive for answering questions here

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    your first karma points!

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    your choice unbreakable comb,fake zippo,big ball of lint,or a booger
    daren1 forgot the elastic gombo string!
    Not even a good old pat on the back, but the karma points add up and soon you'll see that we all congratulate each other for getting more and more. It's fun and we have a great time being silly sometimes. It's a great community of people from all over the world and we can't wait to get here each day and start all over again.
    karma points!
    I thought I was playing for an all-expense paid trip for two for a two week trip to Maui. all I got were good laughs and a little smarter. shucks.
    You can't ever change them in for cash or food, it's just the way we keep track of things here. Welcome to the site.
    Self worthiness acknowledgment in helping someone out, acknowledged by Karma points by fellow members, have alot of good laughs and make friends worldwide from the comforts of home.
    What you get, is a question only you can answer,what other people receive for their answers will be their own perception of what it is.
    You get a feeling of connection and maybe helping someone out :)
    Depending what your answer was, perhaps a thank you.
    You get a day older and deeper in debt
    You may qualify to be entered in a sweepstakes to win a fry daddy deep fryer.
    You get $1 for each good answer that results in a Karma point then you multiply it by two then divide it by seven. Ok now you take that figure and deduct 8.575% tax for Uncle Sam, can you see where I,m going with this?

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