Exercises to get rid of a thick belly/

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    Any type of cardiovascular will be a great help, you can start off just going for walks and later increase the time and pace of your exercise.

    The thing you want to do is increase your metabolism, so you burn fat more than storing it. Just find things that you like to do and go out and have fun, this is the best way, making exercise a new part of your life and eating a healthier diet. Hope this helps.
    I think that eating too much foot with refined sugar in it will do a number on your belly too. So if you decrease the amount of pastries, cakes, pies and cookies, it should help too.
    sit ups, sit ups, and more sit ups.

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    In addition to leeroy's comment, you need to control your eating and drinking. No overeating or beer.
    i agree with 6dogs, if you eat more protein, cut sugar and starch, that's the way.
    The only problem with sit ups is I have arthritis in my back, neck, feet and hands. My large middle is partly due to diabetes. What other things can be done. This is my dilemma!!

    You can just do crunches instead, they're not the full range of motion. You may want to consult a doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to start an exercise program, the Dr. might have some suggestions for you as well.

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